Why carry at home?

Why carry at home?

This is a discussion on Why carry at home? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was speaking with someone who knows that I carry and she wanted to know what type of gun I used for carry as she ...

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Thread: Why carry at home?

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    Why carry at home?

    I was speaking with someone who knows that I carry and she wanted to know what type of gun I used for carry as she is considering buying a gun.

    She is a friend of my wife and we were in my home so I showed her my piece. Her eyes enlarged when she discovered that I had my gun on me. I told her that the term HOME invasion meant just that. In the home.

    I ran across this and wanted to share it for those who may find it useful.


    Why carry at home?-homeinvasion.jpg
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    Oooooohhhhh I love statistics!

    However, when evaluating whether or not you are going to carry within the confines of your home, these time-based statistics are not very helpful. Making that decison is better based on other personal risk management factors.

    Let me give you an example:

    Subject 1:

    - middle aged man
    - married
    - no police record
    - no criminal activities
    - no kids at home
    - lives in a $700K third floor condo
    - nice neighborhood

    Subject 2:

    - illegal alien
    - unmarried
    - deals drugs
    - shares a $60K house with three other illegals
    - shabby neighborhood

    Now I'd like to see those same statistics when you take these other issues into consideration.

    Typical MadMac caveats: It's your choice, so do what makes you feel safe. I am not saying it will never happen to Subject 1. It can happen to anyone. It's just personal risk management we're talking about.

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    If I'm up I'm armed, when I sleep it's on the night stand within reach. A SD weapon is totally useless if you don't have it within reach when needed. I used to be able to handle myself without a weapon, but age will slowly take that away from you.
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    I keep mind on in my PJ's

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    Statistic: 100% of Home Invasions occur in a home. Fact: That's why I carry at home, as well as when I go outside my home.
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    ...and 100% of successful suicides are fatal.

    The point is whether you want to put up with the hassle of wandering around your home with a gun on (or one within arm's reach) all day every day based on your risk profile. If you don't mind the gun upkeep and discomfort, then that's your choice.

    I put the likelihood of a home invasion shortening my life (based on *my* personal risk profile) somewhere between a lightining strike and terminal gout. It's all about your priorities.

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    Even with all the death threats I have recieved during my career, my personal threat assesment at home is low. You have got to relax sometime, but this doesn't mean you have to be vunerable. I try to balance this with good perimeter security, ie.. Dog outside and locks secured, with a firearm readily available anywhere in the home.

    Additionally, each day you must reevaluate your status by paying attention to what's going on around your place of dwelling. Personal security is dynamic and everchanging due to enviromental activities.

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    I have worked as a probation or parole officer for the largest part of my career. Police officers put criminals in jail...I put them BACK in jail. I have made plenty of enemies. That is after I have got to know their family, and they see my personal vehicle multiple times. I live in a small town and community in general. I dotn tell where I live and keep my personal and home security very tight, but it is not impossible for them to find me, or get in my home if they are determined.

    I agree with Glockman10mm, you have to relax sometime. I do go home and put on loungewear and relax in the evenings, but I have a handgun no more than 2 steps away. The shotgun is about 10 steps, as we have a small house. If you do not remian vigilant, your complacency may be complacent about leaving, and you get got on the wrong end of a crime.
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    I always carry even at home. Living in the country with the closest neighbor 1/4 mile away, you have only yourself to rely on for SD. A good holster / belt combination and you forget that you have your weapon with you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chjtoken View Post
    A good holster / belt combination and you forget that you have your weapon with you.
    Yeah that. When I come in and sit down, I usually have to reach around and "check" a few hours later to make sure I've still got my gun on. If you are used to wearing your jeans at home anyway, just keep your belt/holster on.
    I do feel pretty safe at home with my dogs, nobody I've met has ever wanted to mess with them. However, I also feel a bit less safe because my hubby works overnights. NOT that I'm really counting on him to protect me, but the psychological effect that seeing him leave every night at the same time might have on a would-be bad guy to think it would be an opportunity. It's not hard to figure out that he leaves at 10pm every night and isn't home till 7am, and I sleep alone.

    Well, "alone" with my phone and gun under my pillow
    I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I expect the same from them. -- John Wayne as John B. Books in "The Shootist"

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    I carry at home, when mowing the yard, sitting on the patio, etc......i consider my gun just like my wallet, watch and cell phone...part of my EDC gear......im not "paranoid"....just PREPARED

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    While I agree with and carry at home everyday, the statics on that insurance organization page are a load of crap.....way overblown.

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    I agree with Glockman and Jwhite, you do have to relax. If not, you are a prisoner of their terror and they have won. I also agree that remaining vigilant is not being paranoid. I carry most of the time even when home, it is more of a habit than anything else-I get up, get dressed, holster my weapon, put wallet in pocket... However, if not on my person, it is in the room with me, another "ritual" that is now an ingrained habit. My wife laughs that I leave the house forgetting something frequently, but never my firearm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JDE101 View Post
    Statistic: 100% of Home Invasions occur in a home. Fact: That's why I carry at home, as well as when I go outside my home.
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    I'm not saying I am paranoid, but having my home invaded as I have detailed in other posts makes me more apt to have a pistol "close at hand". I pocket carry my Glock 33 in my heavy robe's pocket most mornings so i'm armed even in my PJs.

    The Duke
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