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Re-arming at a friend's house when...

This is a discussion on Re-arming at a friend's house when... within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OK, here's a thought for you. Lot's of whiz bang techno gadgets out there to solve your problem. So would a long shank padlock and ...

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Thread: Re-arming at a friend's house when...

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    OK, here's a thought for you. Lot's of whiz bang techno gadgets out there to solve your problem. So would a long shank padlock and a hard pistol case. Since your not worried about theft, just unwanted handling. Cheap, easy, what's not to like. lol
    I prefer to live dangerously free than safely caged!

    "Our houses are protected by the good Lord and a gun. And you might meet 'em both if you show up here not welcome son." Josh Thompson "Way Out Here"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock and Glock View Post
    I've been hunting for some to argue S. 1.368-1(d)(4)(ii) with for a long time. Where ya been?
    I only deal in theoreticals, sir.

    Keep your facts to yourself!
    That which does not kill us leaves us broken and bleeding...

    Don’t mess with the guy who can barely stand up. His remaining options for self-defense don't include your survival.

    Convenire Volui Spectatus

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    "I suppose that I shouldn't carry a gun if I'm going to go over there and knock back a few"

    Sounds like you know already what to do. he,he,he....
    Go with the glow

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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    Quote Originally Posted by GlockJS View Post
    I agree with you. My question goes out to all the ones who says to basically make themselves robber friendly when Jack, Jim, or Jose visit the home!
    Like I turn on the neon "The bar is open, the guns are secured. Come on in!" sign.
    Retired USAF E-8. Curmudgeon at large.
    Lighten up and enjoy life because:
    Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep. It starts when you're always afraid... Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth

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    You should never handle firearms while intoxicated...

    alcohol intoxication is a physiological state that occurs when a person has a high level of ethanol (alcohol) in their blood. Common symptoms of alcohol intoxication include slurred speech, euphoria, impaired balance, loss of muscle coordination (ataxia), flushed face, reddened eyes, reduced inhibition, and erratic behavior
    However, a drink or two isn't going to cause me to bury my ammo and put gun locks on all my weapons......
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    Quote Originally Posted by MattInFla View Post
    Take him to the range. Teach him the 4 rules and show him how to unload / check a pistol.

    Even is he has no interest in shooting per se, tell him it will give him a better platform to argue about guns

    The life you save might be his....

    First he will need a verbal chewing.

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    Another thought on this story.

    Tonight I went out for dinner and had a couple of margaritas with my meal. As it happened, I wasn't carrying - no need tonight. But if I had been carrying, the two margaritas would not have made me pull my gun out and start shooting people.

    What they did, in this case, was make my enchiladas taste better and sharpen my arguments about double-blind pharmaceutical tests and some other things that came up during dinner discussion.

    If you're going to drink 3 or 4 beers over the course of a long evening and you don't trust yourself with a firearm on your person, then something's wrong with the picture. Would a bottle of Guinness cause you to pull your gun and start playing Russian Roulette with yourself? A fifth of Jack Daniels, OK, maybe it's a good idea to lock that gun up. But a Brewskie or two? Leave it loaded in the holster and don't mess with it.

    Or, as suggested, leave it secured in the car or at home. The problem here wasn't the friend (who is untrained) mishandling the firearm, it's the fact that the weapon was unsecured and out of your control and available for third parties to handle as they saw fit.
    "It may seem difficult at first, but everything is difficult at first."

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    I think your friend realizes he made a serious mistake. Take it as a chance for both of you to learn from it.
    Many have suggested a gun safe, This is good, but if you want to save some money check into the local police department. Some of them will give you a free gun lock. Some states require the dealer selling a new gun to provide a lock.Unload the gun, leave the action open, insert gun lock cable through the barrel. Lock cable into gun lock, remove key, swallow key. Now no one can load the gun and it obvious that the gun is unloaded. Now teach your friend that even a gun in this condition should NEVER be pointed at someone or something that isn't meant to be destroyed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crabbys44 View Post
    You unload it in case he has a brain fart and handles it. Kind of just like what happened.

    I looked at the gun vault and that seems to be a great option since you can't trust yourself with alcohol and guns.

    Take him and the girls to the range and teach them safety!

    BTW if my gun is not in it's holster or gun safe, the action is always open.
    My point was that "friends" would not go through your bag, especially when it is in the guest room (you are not while drinking) and my wife is asleep in there.
    It is still loaded and ready to use if needed.


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    I often have similar evenings with my friends but we sometimes drink a little more than 1.5 beers each. Regardless, I only drink at 2 different friends' places. One is my best friend, the other is a cop, both are very proficient with firearms handling. I've been to the range with them numerous times and have allowed them to handle my guns as well, so I know they're safe. I simply store my carry rig in their bedroom, hidden, where only the two of us know where it is, and we have the understanding that NO ONE touches the gun except for me unless SHTF(in which case I'll still probably be the first to get to it). Just to clarify: No, I do not even look at my gun while drinking, let alone handle it!

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    get a lock... drunk people can open drawers!
    "a reminder that no law can replace personal responsibility" - Bill Clinton 2010.

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    The problem with rules is that people believe that if they follow the rules they no longer have to think. Safety rules can get you killed and many should be looked on more as suggestions than as hard rules.


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    The best bet is to never leave your guns around where anybodey can get to them I would and have before locked it up in my glove compartment in my car if I was to have drinks and a friend house . well try to learn from this and you will be safer in the future im sure of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    Yup +1,

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