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Doorbell at 11 PM

This is a discussion on Doorbell at 11 PM within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; That's why you pay car insurance. Stay inside, stay safe, and let them come to you. Don't you ever watch horror flicks? You know you ...

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Thread: Doorbell at 11 PM

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    That's why you pay car insurance. Stay inside, stay safe, and let them come to you.
    Don't you ever watch horror flicks? You know you are doomed when you split up!

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    Life is a learning process, I don't claim the right to armchair quarterback another person's situation. If it's after dark , and a commotion arises around my house: 1. I get armed. 2. Stay inside. 3. Contact the police.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 21bubba View Post
    And perhaps you should get rid of your computer until you learn appropriate behavior.
    Foolish comment and off topic.

    The OP undertook a dangerous course of action.

    Don't get a dirty diaper because your judgement is equally poor.

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    "You acted irresponsibly, your current decision making process makes you a danger to yourself and others around you."
    If I'm following the thought behind this comment correctly, it's something like this:

    1. Doorbell rings.
    2. Ringers of doorbell are children.
    3. Homeowner arms up.
    4. Homeowner goes outside, announces that he's armed.
    5. No perps are detected.
    6. Police are called, report is filed.

    The quoted comment above notes that if some of the children were hiding behind bushes or whatnot, and then suddenly dashed off, the homeowner may have opened fire, resulting in a serious tragedy.

    Well that's a lot of what-ifs. So I can't co-sign on that.

    Personally, I'm very much in the arm-up and go-investigate school of thought and I'd probably go check out my property, following sensible procedures. Id est, no going out the front door, no backlighting. Listening, using cover, ensuring there's no obvious threat.

    Hey, if it's ninjas out there, I'm toast anyway. But no way in hell am I going to be some cowering little weasel holed up in my house dialing 911 and wetting my pants because something went "bump" out there. I'll check windows, scan for intruders, not expose myself to an easy pick-off, and bring firepower.

    The problem in the scenario as posted is, in my judgement, calling out "I'm armed" or "I have a gun" or such. Don't give away your position and don't inform the BGs (if there are any) of your status. You are a ghost, silent, watchful, and aware of everything. If you do it right, the BGs should be afraid of you, not the other way around.

    This point has come up here before, so let's reiterate it just so we're all really clear on it. The BGs are dirtbags. They are stupid, and they are unskilled. If they weren't, then they'd be earning a legal living, with a home like yours. When they are "casing" a "joint" and contemplating robbing you, their worst fear is that you have a shotgun and are ready to blow their guts out. They should be very, very afraid of you.

    In the event of an active home invasion, then of course you retreat, barricade, cover points of entry and dial 911. But a strange noise? A doorbell ringing? A bump in the night? That's no reason to be some quivering bowl of jello.
    "It may seem difficult at first, but everything is difficult at first."

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    For the most part, I agree with Shockwave here. My home. My yard. My outbuildings.

    Professional BGs that do earn a living at home entry, live in better houses than I, most often don't enter when people are at home, and don't come to my rural neighborhood.

    Thugs that do home invasions think they are professional, because they may have successfully entered homes with or without occupants, gotten what they wanted and gotten away with it. Most often, they don't ring the doorbell and run, but some may for the reasons mentioned above.

    I'm not going to allow this sort to make me into a quivering mass of gelatine either. Out here "in the sticks" response time is slow, especially at night. I may or may not go out to check... But I will make certain the house and grounds are secure, from various vantage points around the house... If there's anything out of place or "wrong" I'll make the call, and may or may not go outside.

    Every time is a judgement call on my part. Every situation is different, I've had a few incidents out here, and my judgemet has been correct, so far... There are no guarantees.
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    Here's another thought....
    If my doorbell rang at 9 pm on a Saturday night and nobody was there, my first thought would be that it's kids screwing around. I might wait 15 or 20 minutes and then take a look around outside to make sure everything was ok, but I'm not going to call 911 because someone rang my bell and then left.
    I don't consider that a real emergency and wouldn't waste an officer's time.

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    If no one there, I'd not go outside. Prob just turn off/mute tv, certain lights inside. Activate flood lights outside and be wary.Make sure family in one room until a reasonable amount of time has passed. We got neighborhood kids that had pulled that crap, complicated a real problem we were dealing with. Frustrating, best to have good relationship with neighbors and their kids. I'd have to say never assume its just kids screwing around, not nowadays..

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    It seems the best idea is to stay in hour home for many of the reasons listed above. I am at an advantage staying armed and having cover inside my home.

    The only thing my door may open up for is to quickly let my 100+ lb Red Doberman run out to investigate, but even that is probably a bad idea. What if the dog mauls some prankster kid? Now I'm being sued and losing my house or whatever because I had to investigate.

    Unless they're coming through my door or window without my permission there really isn't much for me to do except call the police. If they do manage to get inside, then it is on me to finsih off what my dogs have probably already started in on.

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    I would invest in motion sensor lights for the front and back yard, a good peep hole for the front and back door and a simple camera surveillance system hooked up to your television system so that you can check it from your living room or bedroom set. I think your stashed handgun by the front door is a great idea!
    "If you carry a gun, people will call you paranoid. That's ridiculous... If I have a gun, what in the hell do I have to be paranoid for?" [Clint Smith - Thunder Ranch]

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    Pranks by kids are what generally get them shot by the homeowner. I recall many years ago in a town nearby my home, a 14 year boy was shot by an older homeowner. There were two or three of these neighborhood kids who kept ringing his doorbell, verbally abusing/threatening and then running away. He kept warning them to stop, he even called the police and the parents of the kids but they kept doing it. One Halloween night they rang his doorbell and he shot the kid squarely in the chest with a .357 magnum and dropped him right there on his sidewalk. The man was charged with murder and probably spent his remaining years in prision.

    I would be a bit nervous going outside in the dark not knowing who might be hiding outside waiting for you. Best thing to do is stay inside and call 911.
    "A Smith & Wesson always beats 4 aces!"

    The Man Prayer. "Im a man, I can change, if I have to.....I guess!" ~ Red Green

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    Thank you all (youz guyz) for the varied feedback. I find the value of this forum in the points of view that I may not have known to consider. Even from cargod2244.

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    I have motion lights at the front and back door. I get a 30 second or more heads up that someone is headed to the door. If they are wanting to play around, they get lost pretty quick. The don't look like motion lights either, just normal brass doorway lights. The opossums and cats set the back one off occasionally.

    But I know for sure that the front motion light saved my wife and neighbor a lot of trouble one evening. My neighbor had taken my wife to Urgent Care. They got home late. With feeling bad and trying to get everything together, my wife did not pay much attention to the road. We don't have many problems either though. However, there was a strange man walking up the road. They noticed him as they turned the corner to the front of the house. He sped up his pace and crossed to our side of the road. My wife saw this and made a B line for the front door. He got one foot in the yard when the motion light went on. He left immediately.

    Most BG's are like cockroaches, they scatter when the light comes on.
    I prefer to live dangerously free than safely caged!

    "Our houses are protected by the good Lord and a gun. And you might meet 'em both if you show up here not welcome son." Josh Thompson "Way Out Here"

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    The dogs generally let me know if someone sets foot on the porch (good thing about wood floors, vibrations travel REALLY well and the dogs are usually laying on them) plus the motion lights. If someone knocked on my door and ran, I'd call the cops coz that kind of behavior is never good. From pranks to far worse, but never good. I wouldn't go outside for that either.

    If it was a friend dropping by or neighbor needing help, etc. they would stick around for at least a few minutes.

    If the dogs bark for an "unknown" reason, I would cautiously check and let the dogs out to see what they do, but if someone knocks I'd KNOW it was a human and if they left I'd KNOW they were up to no good.

    And I have to agree, if you are SO jumpy that you would shoot at anything that moved in the bushes, you shouldn't be going out with your gun drawn. I HAVE drawn outside on my property when the dogs growled, I was fully prepared to meet and kill a rabid raccoon or something along those lines, but found a prowler hiding instead. He was hiding and did not make any threatening moves. At NO point did I feel like I would have shot him just for being there or because he scared us (me and the dogs).
    I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I expect the same from them. -- John Wayne as John B. Books in "The Shootist"

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    At 11PM at night I am, most likely, asleep and most certainly in my locked bedroom with my wife (no one else in house), my cell phone, my remote car alarm, my 38 and my shotgun. I would call 911 (the Chief always tells me to call about literally anything if there could be a problem and 11PM, as far as I am concerned, is a problem), I would activate car alarm if it becomes obvious that something is very ominous or threatening (surprise to possible perp(s) and signal to LEOs which house is mine), and I am fully aware of where I will station myself with my shotgun. Someone decides to enter house by force at that point I know I have full insurance coverage, I know that I am not going to die over my silverware, and I definitely know they will die if they come into my bedroom by forcing open a locked and doorstopped door.

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    This notion that I am predisposed to shoot at movement in the bushes is false. I mentioned this in my second post to bring to attention that it's not just us against the BG's. I have had kids prank before; I also had kids wreck my daughter's tree house while I was 1000 miles away with my dying father. Cars have been robbed at night close by, and my Grand Prix has been keyed. And we live in a very good neighborhood, and our home is protected by a 10 lb Yorkiepoo, who is likely to instill laughter rather than fear. I have shot in war and have drawn gun in self defense under perceived threat without firing. I mentioned those bushes because the POSSIBILITY of a non-lethal source should be in your mind as you evaluate the known and unknown factors that filter through your senses.

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