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Justified Homicide in Marital Affair?

This is a discussion on Justified Homicide in Marital Affair? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by MadMac I simply am amazed at the prevalence of this mindset. If your girlfriend/wife invites another man into your bed, she's the ...

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Thread: Justified Homicide in Marital Affair?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMac View Post
    I simply am amazed at the prevalence of this mindset. If your girlfriend/wife invites another man into your bed, she's the bigger part of the problem. Not that her paramour is blameless, but your beef is with HER.

    It's not worth a month of my life to me. A simple visit to a qualified divorce attorney means I get to keep all my money! Done.
    Agreed MM.

    Also now you get either an assault with violence charge or a domestic violence charge against you, and boom in some states including where I live current there goes your 2A rights by either suspension or even long term revocation.
    For what? Because some broad doesn't like/love you, as much, anymore.
    No thank you.

    Oh and the idea of going to jail (short term holding) or even state prison (long term corrections) to fight off other mens sexual advances as a secondary result does not at all interest me.
    I'll take a pass on that.

    - Janq
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    Quote Originally Posted by C9H13NO3 View Post
    If I walked in on someone nailing my wife, I wouldn't ask questions or say anything until after I shot the man dead. My house or anyone elses.

    If you're in the OP's scenario, take your beating like a man, apologize, and ask forgiveness. No one should ever be in that situation in the first place.
    Really?... Really?

    The thought of killing someone over my wife's infidelity would never cross my mind. Taking a life is big deal. It's on a whole different level than realizing that my wife is a tramp.

    Divorce, of course. But being pre-disposed to killing someone over doing the nasty seems extreme. Hey, maybe I'm easy-going afterall?
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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    ... realizing that my wife is a tramp.

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    Ok... now, I'll give you all PART B. I gave you the situation I was in (while single) , where the woman lied about being single vs married.

    2 1/2 yrs prior to that, when I was married, I knew something was going on and I won't get into my past work experience, but.... I'm good at finding things out and finding people. I also had a very good PI and told him exactly what I wanted. My now-Ex (for a long time) was having an affair. I timed it so when I went to his house, they would most likely be engaged. Pounded on the door until they finally answered. The 'guy' knew she was married and had even met me. He was a bit "shocked", and so was she.

    She was the one who was out of line. I wasn't married to him, nor did I care about him. I just advised her not to come home as she didn't live there anymore. The next day she was served with divorce papers, along with videos taken by the PI .... that way she knew I knew it all, and there was no reason to "talk". After 27 yrs of marriage, my divorce was final and the complete settlement done and over, within 30 days.

    I'm still living in the same house I was then. Best thing I ever did ... have been able to buy more motorcycles and guns as a result. So, obviously I think some of the voiced reactions to shoot someone is the wrong approach, and the only person it will hurt, is themselves ... not the spouse having the affair. She'll be living in your house, not you.

    So, jump ahead --- 2 1/2 yrs later when I'm dating this woman. ... and due to an off comment she made, I push her a bit and she reluctantly admits she's married and has been lying about being single. That 'date' was over that second. I obviously did not go out with her again. But, after my experience with my EX..... I found out who her husband was and called him. I then told him what had gone on and that I did not realize that she was married and had no intent of ever being with any woman that was married , but thought that he should know what she was doing. He thanked me for the info. and took it from there. I don't think things went well for her after that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by martino View Post
    After joking around with a buddy of mine about his sex life I got to thinking about this after reading Ayoob's books on justifiable homicide. Say you are having an affair with a married woman, her husband bursts in the room and attacks you with his fists, you raise your gun as he reaches in his jacket to grab "something" you shoot him. Later in court how do you look? was it justified? um...sure but this wasn't on the streets it was on the sheets. What were you doing there in the first place??? sounds like a tough call and a legal battle between prosecution and defense. Edit: oh and you (shooter) are also married.
    Keep your pencil out of the other guy's sharpner and you'll never have to worry about this scenario anyway

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