Blocked on Bridge or Dont Honk

This is a discussion on Blocked on Bridge or Dont Honk within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My son , who goes to school in Florida, and his friends had an awakening Saturday afternoon driving back from the beach. He was with ...

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Thread: Blocked on Bridge or Dont Honk

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    Blocked on Bridge or Dont Honk

    My son , who goes to school in Florida, and his friends had an awakening Saturday afternoon driving back from the beach. He was with another guy and two girls. They had to cross a long, busy bridge to get back to the mainland. Approaching the bridge the road narrows from three lanes to two. At that point a Blazer/Jimmy comes barreling up through the breakdown lane and cuts in front of them. The girl that was driving honks at them ( like , what the heck). Well a beer can gets tossed out of the window of the Blazer and then it stops. Right on the bridge , with all the traffic, right in front of the car my son is in. The girl driving does not leave enough room to go around the Blazer and now she can not back up due to other cars behind her ( this is a busy bridge). Two 18-20 yr old males get out, approach the car and start yelling at them and trying to get them to come out and fight. One guy punches the passenger window and the other tosses a beer can at the car. After a bit they get back in the Blazer and head down the bridge only to harass another vehicle. My son is 22yrs old, has a CCW, 2ND degree Back Belt , is pretty fit. Down side is He's only 5'9 , 160lbs, in the back seat , knows he can not count on the guy in the front seat , knows it is not wise to take on multiple dirt bags, knows that knives and guns can come into play in an instant and , like most college students, is unarmed. I think they did the right thing by not trying to engage the punks. They did call 911 but the cops "lost the blazer" and said that they really could not do anything. So, to now press the question. What would you do if you got in the same situation ? Can not back up or go around. Two hostile punks punching your window telling you that they are going to kick your behind?

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    i draw my weapon, but i do not fire until the window breaks, I can repair damage to my vehicle, but the moment the security of the vehicle is compromised I am in danger of being hurt, 2 guys, drunk, and on who knows what, I know I could articulate disparity of force
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    Tough call because as the OP wrote, the punks finally gave up and left but how long do they pound on the glass?

    I would definately have my hand on the pistol, and may even draw if I can do so without it looking like I am doing so as they would still have the advantage and could respond with thier own weapon. From this point, it depends on their actions. Not a good position to be in. Of course, one could always plow through the other vehicle to get away. Obviously, I am already on the phone with 911.

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    when i was 22, it would have been on (no guns then, just no brain) , no questions asked, not sayin i would have won, but they would have remembered but today at age 36 i would have more than likely remained in the car

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    "Look bored. Insert earplugs and don ear muffs. Put hand on gun (out of sight). Wait."

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    I lived in a beach town for a little while here in Florida. While most residents are not the confrontational type, I can see this happening.

    I really don't think there is much else to be done except rechecking to be sure your doors are locked and windows rolled up. I'm not sure when I started doing this, but if something similar happens to me (I get cut off or whatnot) to warrant a horn "hey man did you see me!" response (not in a F you way), I think about what would happen in this exact scenario. Like I said, I don't know when I started to think about it, or whether it happened to me, but it is something I keep in mind. My biggest concern is that I get cut off or whatnot, honk my horn, and the person in front SLAMS on their brake, making me rear end them (since I ahven't had time to re-establish my normal driving distance).

    I usually try to look over to see if I can swerve if at all possible. But obviously in your son's case, that wasn't possible because of other traffic.

    I'd say, given the circumstances, he did as well as he could have.

    I've had some dude throw cigarette butts at my windshield on the highway after tailing me for no reason for several miles (the left lane was perfectly clear... he could've passed me at ANY time). No beer cans though. I'd be pretty angry about cans. Cans can scratch and dent.

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    Have someone else in the car call 911. Stay in the vehicle, OC in one hand, other hand on my gun. Escalate as necessary to meet the level of force exhibited.

    Provide defensive driving lessons for the girl.
    "I do what I do." Cpl 'coach' Bowden, "Southern Comfort".

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    I don't know much about Fl. law, but if that happened here in Utah, I would show the bullies that I am armed. In Utah that is legal, and does not equal escalation. I would also be on the phone with 911 and letting them know I am an off duty officer requesting on duty back-up. I WOULD NOT exit my vehicle, but would stay with the vehicle as it leaves so that responding officers have less trouble locating it.
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    Too bad we can't buy the anti-carjacking flamethrowers they sell in South Africa...just sayin'.

    YouTube - South African Car Flamethrower

    Anyone for BBQ?
    The number of people killed because they didn't have "enough gun" is dwarfed by those who had none at all. Get a gun you will always carry, and add more capability as you grow.

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    At least: Strong hand covering weapon. Weak hand or somebody else in car call 911. Wait.
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guantes View Post
    Have someone else in the car call 911. Stay in the vehicle, OC in one hand, other hand on my gun. Escalate as necessary to meet the level of force exhibited.

    Provide defensive driving lessons for the girl.
    +1 on the above.
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    I would get video on my phone and write down plate number,then using the footage would press criminal charges
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    I would not get out of the car, but I would seriously consider "making some room" depending on how aggressive they were. It might take a couple bumps in the front and back, but I bet you could get out of there. And hope one of them was in the way as you're leaving. Sometimes the car has to be the weapon. That's about the only thing that has not been covered.
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    Interesting scenario and I think nh was answering his own thread as he wrote it and got the answers he expected. You are CC and can kill and unless there is the imminent threat of great bodily injury or death, and I believe we all understand the word "imminent", you suck it up, get as much information as you can, prepare as best you can, try to get away, if possible, and that is about it. Good answers forum members.

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    All good posts but just have to say this. I will secure myself in side my car or house. Get on 911 if I can. Remain calm, hopefully 911 is recording my play by play description of whats going on. They can beat my car all they need to ( I will spend the price of the car in the first week with a defense attorney if I shoot someone) once the BG breaks thru a car window or breaches a door/window of my home or camper we are all done being passive and waiting for police to arrive. I consider a gun to be the absolute last resort but when it's time for the last resport well no comming back.
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