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Gunfight (video) at Nashville Stop-n-Rob

This is a discussion on Gunfight (video) at Nashville Stop-n-Rob within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by retsupt99 Buy a gun and never use it, never practice with it, don't be sure on how it operates...this is what you ...

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Thread: Gunfight (video) at Nashville Stop-n-Rob

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Buy a gun and never use it, never practice with it, don't be sure on how it operates...this is what you get.
    Quote Originally Posted by paaiyan View Post
    I agree, I applaud him for fighting back, but man that was sloppy. He had to rack the slide when he got up off the ground, looks like it either misfired and he had to rack the slide again at which point he dropped the mag, or in the struggle he dropped the mag and fired leading him to reinsert it and rack the slide again, then later on he has to rack the slide a third time, though I'm not sure because of the scene cut whether that was because of a misfire or reload.
    I'm an RSO for my local IDPA, and generally run the squad with the new shooters. This last match, we had at least 5 new shooters, that fit this description. This was a classifier, very low pressure and minimal movement. I'd have sworn they just bought their first gun the day before and came to the match to try it out. Very unfamiliar with their weapon, and performing basic functions. Very stressful day for me with the muzzle control, trigger finger, and reloading/unloading. I'd have DQ'd them if it had been a more involved match with more intense stages.

    This guy, whatever his past experience, is very lucky, and needs to get some training...under pressure. He was smart enough to duck and relocate whereas the BGs stayed put on the other side of the shelving, his mistake was that he figured they would be moving too.

    Is this what trench warfare is like?

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    Looking at it from another angle this gentleman went with the spray and pray tactic, total fail for the reason of innocent bystanders catching a stray round.
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    About all they he had going for him was suppressive fire. Rounds kept coming until they BGs retreated.

    Nobody has IDed the gun yet. Is it a Taurus Millennium?
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