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So we (my wife and I) just moved to Phoenix,AZ in December, and I think this is a good "situation" for debate.

We had met our neighbor a few times before, he seemed nice and around our age so you know, it was nice to meet someone in a new city. So we invited him over one day, granted it was for drinks.. i don't carry, and never considered carrying until this happened, not that it would have helped but still i don't really consider on carrying until i'm trained properly.

so we were drinking have talks, whatever, and at sometime during the night he went back to his place a couples doors down, where my wife and I had been earlier. Well, I at the time believed i may have left something there and so we went over there and knocked on the door to see if i had.

Oh i forgot to mention, he told us he was former army ranger sniper, honorably discharged from the military.

so he let us in and we discussed the item i may or may not have left in his house, and he goes to the back room for some reason, we were unclear about it at the time, but emerges with what seemed to be an assault rifle of sorts, the reason i'm unclear about it is i could tell it was a carbine but couldn't make it out really because he had his tactical light on and was screaming at us to leave the house.. so we left and went out side, he followed and my wife was just freaking out, he ordered us face down in the street.. of course i held my ground as much as i could on my knees and clearly stated to him that we were unarmed civilians and meant him no harm.

a few neighbors witnessed this going on, it was dark so their accounts were less than adequate, but enough that they called the police.

this is getting long winded i see, the end result was that he stated to police that he woke up and we were in his house, he ordered us to leave, but never drew on us.

my wife and I made different statements to the police than him, but the same and we were giving our statements separately.

the charge of trespassing is being sent to the prosecutor on us, and the charge of felony assault with a deadly weapon is being charge on him. Also to note since this incident he has had the cops at his house several times, EMT and the fire department for some reason or another, ultimately he has moved out.. for whatever reason, we do not talk to him, and we haven't since the incident occurred. (PTSD???)

SOOOOO, the real question is.. if you were carrying, would you take action at the point of where you were in the middle of the street, and your wife was screaming her eyes out and crying?
No one comes into my home unless I know them for a very long time and i have checked them out. Period.

And we do not go to others homes if not related to them. So far, this has allowed us to avoid anything even remotely like this.