You Never Know

You Never Know

This is a discussion on You Never Know within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was working at home today. As usual, I had my G19 in an open lock box on the living room floor. I heard a ...

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Thread: You Never Know

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    You Never Know

    I was working at home today. As usual, I had my G19 in an open lock box on the living room floor. I heard a helicopter and stepped out my front door, which is about 30 feet from the curb. The helicopter was circling a street over. I watched for a few seconds and went back in. Within minutes it got louder, and I could hear a cop yelling through the megaphone. He was saying alternately, "Stop running and get on the ground." and "Suspect running North", etc."
    I went back out the door and walked out about 10 feet from the street. Just like that this dude flew past, running right down the middle of the street. The closest of 3 cops chasing him followed about 100 feet back. The guy was actually leaving them in the dust, but there wasn't anyway he was going to get away. He ran straight out of my neighborhood and across the main street. A 1/2 minute later I saw a squad car drive up. A minute after that the cop in the helicopter yelled down through the megaphone, "I told you you weren't going to get away.
    An hour later I was leaving to pick up my daughter from school and my next door neighbor was in his driveway. He told me that the guy had jumped the wall and tried to get in both his front and back doors. I gotta wonder what could have happened if he'd jumped into my yard instead. I was working at the kitchen table which is right at the back French door with 2 door sized panes of glass next to it. He could have been 5 feet away from me before I ever saw him, but if he'd tried to get through the locked door I think it would have been a bad day for him.
    When I picked up my 16 yr old daughter, I told her the story and said that is exactly why we have the rules we have for when she is home alone. The alarm is always on and she does not open or unlock any exterior doors or windows. She keeps a land line phone with her (and we have 5 handsets throughout the house.) I don't know what else one can do against such random events? And, for the record, we live in a pretty nice area.

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    You are a lucky, or blessed man. You could have easily found yourself in the middle of a hostage situation with you being the hostage. Heading back outside when you heard the LEO in a pursuit could easily have cost you your life. OK, rebuke over.

    You are teaching your daughter well. I gave both my kids instruction on how to respond if something similar happened. I also provided pepper spray in both the main area and the kitchen.

    As for the nice neighborhood, Nice to you means safe, comfortable, and friendly neighbors. Nice to a bad guy means nice things worth a lot of money. Not sure there is really a "Nice" neighborhood anymore.
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    16 year old daughter should know how to shoot, and know where they are! Wear your gun in a holster when your up and about, then you get used to it always being there.
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    tomtsr and Hiram25 both good suggestions and observations. Although you should have tackled him. .. haha just kidding. Stay safe.
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    "I told you you weren't going to get away"... blaring from a helicopter... That just strikes me as funny. The officer must have really had to vent.
    Glad you didn't walk into the middle of a gunfight.

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    I'm always armed at home, handgun on my hip. Not sure though if I would go outside if I thought there was a police chase in the neighborhood.
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