Concealed carry at home

This is a discussion on Concealed carry at home within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; First off, Happy Easter to all. Well, we had Easter dinner here at our house (my wife's house, we recently got married). We invite wife's ...

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Thread: Concealed carry at home

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    Concealed carry at home

    First off, Happy Easter to all.

    Well, we had Easter dinner here at our house (my wife's house, we recently got married). We invite wife's Son and Daughter, along with grandchildren. We just got home from Church and I've taken off my coat (80+ today) and I'm carrying my IWB 45 Warthog. My step-son sees it and tells me to remove it and put it out of sight and reach of his kids. Well, I go into the bedroom and start to take off my holstered gun. I'm thinking wait a minute this is MY HOUSE, so I leave it on and throw on an Aloha shirt to cover and conceal my gun.Later on after everyone has left, I mention it to my wife and she says I should have removed my weapon and put it up, saying "that's the rule". Well, never had a discussion about that before. We have had the granchildren spent the night and I have put my guns out of reach of little hands and whenever we visit step-son's home I leave my gun it the car's glove box, his wife is against guns (she's from Germany) so out of respect I do not carry into their home. I believe I had every right to be armed in MY OWN HOME. What to you all think?
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    The King's home...the King's rules...pretty simple!
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    Not a problem that I am ever likely to deal with, but I would have given him the "Red Foreman" look [prior to to some foot in ass comment].

    "Son, my gun is put up and out of reach of the kids. I can not imagine a safer place for it other than in it's holster and on my hip."
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    In my opinion, your stepson was disrespectful by demanding you to remove your gun in the sanctuary of your own home. Therefore, I would've done the same thing except I would've open carried and told him to grow a pair.
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    My house....My rules.
    If you don't like them, don't come over.

    I have the same problem with my SIL, liberal tree-hugging gun hater. Won't carry at her house, but being in Illinois my property is one of the few places I can carry, so by God I'm armed all the time!
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    Looks like this is going to be a rocky marriage and ill will within the family. Family conference is called for and get this issue settled. If not it is only going to fester.
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    I'm all for "my house, my rules" but that doesn't mean one has to be disrespectful or offensive to guests who are uneasy about firearms. Especially if you HAVE NOT discussed the issue with your wife.

    There are times when the risk of alienating family outweigh the risks of you being gunned down and Easter dinner is probably one of them. Your family is important to you (or at least I hope they are) and so is your peace and relationship with them. An "in your face" I'll do what I want because I don't care what you think.. my house, my rules.. kind of an attitude is exactly the kind of thing that's not only going to drive a wedge between you and your new family but possibly your wife because soon they won't want to come over any more because, yes, even though it is your house, you don't respect them enough to make your house welcoming to them.

    Could your home be invaded while sitting down to Easter dinner? Sure. But it's far less likely than your step son saying, "Mom, you're new husband is a nut and I'm not coming over again as long as he's going to carry a gun around my kids."

    I respect my family, whether it's in my home or theirs. If they don't like guns, while in my home, I may carry but I will respectfully conceal it and not bring any attention to it. In their home, I will not carry.

    There have been times I have open carried around guests in my home but I have always introduced the situation with a smile and a polite, "I am a legally armed citizen and carrying a gun. You have nothing to worry about from me and if this makes you uncomfortable I will conceal it but this is the safest place for my gun. Any questions?" Most people really appreciate the honesty and above a few questions usually don't have much else to say about it.

    I would suggest you talk to your wife about this issue and come to a conclusion that you are both comfortable with. Yes, you have every right to carry in your own home, but your step son has every right to not come over anymore and your wife has every right not to talk to you again because you drove such a wedge between yourself and her family you are trying to unite.

    Be smart about it. Since when did our right to carry become more important that the people we carry to protect?

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    It is your right to carry in YOUR home. Holy crap. If the weapon is properly holstered, it should never be an issue. If they can't respect you and your choices in YOUR home, screw them.
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    You were 100% in the right. My house, My rules, you don't like it get a steppin!
    One more step and it's on!

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    Concealed means concealed. My wife doesn't even know I'm carrying most of the time. For family functions I usually carry my G27 Gen4 in my Galco ankle glove because of all the hugging that is involved at these functions. Family Easter party was at my home and I have a 2 and a 4 year old running around. No one knew and I don't disclose. I alternate between the ankle glove and my MaxTuck iwb depending on the situation.

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    I can understand being "diplomatic" as Limatunes suggests, however, NO ONE is going to tell me what to do in my own home!!!! Anyone who tries to tell you what to do in your own home has really got a brass pair and should be set straight immediately! I will abide by the rules of their home or not go there--my choice. They can abide by the rules of MY home--or not come here. Period.
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    I tried to read between the lines a bit in your post, so I may be off-base. However, you said it's your wife's house. I assume by the wording, when you got married, you moved into "her" house. I find it odd you are now married, and have never discussed this important issue with your spouse.

    Although it may technically be "your" house now as well, it's possible her adult children perceive it as "her" house. Depending on how long you dated before marriage, her children may perceive you as an interloper. My parents are now deceased, but had my widowed mother remarried after I was an adult with children, I personally would object to being referred to as a "stepson" by her new squeeze. But that's just me.

    If you're trying to get off to a good start with your new family, I'd suggest you drop the "my house - my rules" bravado, and concentrate on fostering goodwill with your wife's adult children. If you had slipped into your bedroom and put on your aloha shirt after church before taking off your jacket, no one would have been the wiser, and you wouldn't have introduced this contentious issue on Easter Sunday.

    Guns and concealed carry are MAJOR issues with many people, and by exposing your sidearm, you made it a family problem on Easter. Telling your new "stepson" he can either accept it or get lost may make this marriage a short-term one for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dripster View Post
    You were 100% in the right. My house, My rules, you don't like it get a steppin!
    Sounds like a good way to never see your grandkids. I'm with LimaTunes on this one; have a discussion with them, but with family the moment you pull the "It's my house and if you don't like get the F out" bit you're going too far, in my opinion.
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    My house, my rules. I pocket carry and one of the reasons why beyond comfort is that no one knows but me 99% of the time. I have an extremely anti sister-in-law and I know she wouldn't want me to carry in hers and my brother's home. I do it everytime and no one is the wiser. Don't ask, Don't tell.

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    I would expect on your hip is a safer place than hidden away in a dark corner somewhere. Children like to wander and explore
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