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head down vs looking around

This is a discussion on head down vs looking around within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Another in favor of head-up & obviously alert. In situations where someone, or a group is walking on a collision course or taking up an ...

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Thread: head down vs looking around

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    Another in favor of head-up & obviously alert.

    In situations where someone, or a group is walking on a collision course or taking up an inconsiderate amount of room and wants to play 'alpha' games, I usually just change course. No biggie to me. But sometimes I'm not perfect and let it get to me. So I'll keep walking on course until it starts to get close... and then just stop. Amazing how the other party suddenly moves to go around the stopped person. But like I said, I usually don't get drawn in to that game - and never if I'm carrying.

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    seems to me your peripheral vision would be impaired by a heads down mode of walking. IMO SA requires a real time scan of your environment. Not looking at the pavement. You look more confident with your head up and walking erect. Predators IMO look for the "weakest" individual in the herd.

    My .02

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevolvingMag View Post
    I usually have my head down, but still up enough that I can see what's going on around me. I keep my head down, look up enough to make eye-contact, then back to where I was. I'm not rude, I'm not approachable; everyone wins....
    +1 Spot on.
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    I think "head down" gives the impression that you could have a "prey" mentality and make you appear meek to the BGs. Body language says a lot. I firmly believe that "head up" and an aware, confident appearance can go a long way toward deterring a potential BG. I don't mean cocky and challenging--just self confident and aware.
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    I have worked very hard on seeming unapproachable to most, but able to make someone feel comfortable enough if needed. I tend to keep my head down after having scanned ahead. If there is potential trouble it gets the most attention from a head down position, but I still scan around. I am pretty sure most of you would call me "shifty" looking when in this mode. If I need help, such as looking for an answer or if I see someone who may have a question I could answer I stand tall, smile and give direct eye contact. Having your head down does not equal atomic white if you have enough movement of downed head.
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    I shoot friendly smiles to people once in a while as well while making random eye contact with passer-bys. I think it's a Southern thing... I've done it without thinking about it a few times when I went to Philly. Got a few "what is wrong with you?" stares in response

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    Posters have named a couple of problems that one may occcassionally meet: 1) the king-of-the-hill alpha type who probably would fight at the drop of a hat and not care about your money and, 2) the criminal of opportunity who doesn't care so much about claiming the sidewalk turf but who wants to rob and escape with your money.

    Conventional wisdom is to be purposeful and alert when walking in public. Good, purposeful posture and alert eyes that pick up cues asap is best. But form is function. And avoidance of trouble as soon as recognized is the point. However, "posturing" is inadequate when it's code orange and time to get off of the "X".

    For example, if I'm walking along and in peripheral vision, pick up someone approaching that I don't want approahcing me, I want my form to fit my hieghtened level of awareness.

    Don't forget mom on her day today. She was right - sit up, stand, and walk straight. Posture is important. But good posture is the best platform for what you have to do next. Stay alert, but keep skills sharp.
    Americans understood the right of self-preservation as permitting a citizen to repel force by force
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