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the "Waffle House" attack................

This is a discussion on the "Waffle House" attack................ within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; mcp1810... that's a good observation. I never have been a fan of calling 911 and letting things fall where they may until the law arrives. ...

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Thread: the "Waffle House" attack................

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    that's a good observation.
    I never have been a fan of calling 911 and letting things fall where they may until the law arrives. Yeah,I know its the only option that most people have, but there has always been something about expecting someone else to take care of you and your problems that has always stuck in my craw.

    Your post reminds me of a sign on the Marshal's desk where I work...its says "WE are 911".
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    If I were seated at a table, I would wait until the BGs were not watching me and slip my weapon out and hold it under the table.

    I would do the same with my wallet in my left hand, under the table.

    If the BGs only want to rob the cash register, let them have it. If the Waffle House does not care enough to pay for security, why should I try to save their money?

    But when the BG comes to my table, it is a different story. I bring my wallet up an lay it on the table and shoot him in the gut under the table.

    90% of these punks run when they hear the first shot. If the other guy with the gun does not run, there will be an instant when he is trying to figure out what happened and I would zap him during that hesitation.

    When the BG comes to my table, it is personal.

    If I had been standing at the cash register when they came in, the picture is entirely different. You have no choice but to give up and hope for the best.

    If I were at the first table, I probably would have no more opportunity than if standing at the cash register.

    In a place like a Waffle House, it would be best to be far from the front and close to the wall.

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    The restaurant is probably bigger than what it shown in this video. If I were at the first table these guys come to, I'd probably hand them my wallet. If I thought I had time to draw my gun, aim, and take the first shot before any of them noticed, then I would go that route. I should have plenty of time to shoot one guy, then aim and shoot the second guy before the second guy figures out who is firing.

    There is also a possibility I might give them my wallet, then as they move to the other side of the restaurant, shoot them then.

    Again, it all boils down to whether or not I think they are paying attention to me. They are going to be in a hurry, and their adrenaline will be rushing as much as mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcp1810 View Post
    It is a matter of time. The national standard is that 9-1-1 calls are to be answered in under ten seconds. Unfortunately that is an average. And that is after the call rings in to the answering point. That means basically for every five that get answered immediately when they ring in you you can have one call that waits for a full minute. You have to get your phone, dial it, hit send, and wait for your network to properly route it to the proper PSAP. Many PSAPs have automatic call distribution systems and some have automated answering. The operator gets two beeps in their ear and then a recording of their voice plays " Thus and such 9-1-1 what is your emergency?" After that the operator can hear what you are saying. And this is assuming there is actually an operator in "available" status when your call rings in. If you call during a busy time you might get " Thus and such 9-1-1, do not hang up your phone. Your call will be answered by the next available operator. Stay on the line."
    I completely agree with mcp... all 911 will ever be is a goverment sponsored dial a prayer... the past two times dialing 911 while at work.. has taken at least 4 rings before the Operator even picks up the phone...

    We have a central dispatch now which means the 5 neighboring cities are all taken care of by one center. After calling it goes something like this:
    Op:911 what is your emergancy?
    Me: There are customers complaining about a man in the parking lot following them and acting strange
    Op: Ok what city are you in?
    Me: Eastpointe
    Op: ok what is your address
    Op: ok I'm transfering you to your police department.
    Me: ok
    PD: Hello how can I help you?
    Me: Hi I"m at XXXXXXX and there is a strange man following our customers around in the parking lot...
    PD: Ok we will send a car as soon as there is one availiable.
    Me: ok

    the 4 rings, How ever long it took you to read that plus the 4 rings to start the transfer and then how long it takes for a car to show up... (the guy was gone by then)

    I 'm not counting on the police... if I'm not carrying I have a blade on me, or pepper spray... Me dialing 911 is wasting my time in which i could be using my brain to get out of a jam much faster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chad Rogers View Post
    I continue to maintain the belief that there could be very good reasons why some people would opt not to go to gunfire in this Waffle House scenario.
    To this topic, the very first thing I thought of when the BG entered the Waffle House was how they split up. I don't' know if I could nail all 3 in a short enough time to prevent one of them from grabbing a body shield. I would probably hand over my wallet and pray for the best. Now if they decided to escalate the situation I would have to get involved at that point.

    Not real sure unless I am there, JMO.
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