Hawaiian Vacation

Hawaiian Vacation

This is a discussion on Hawaiian Vacation within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This was awhile back but here goes. White Male 6’, 185 mid 20’s is walking down the sidewalk about 1130 AM on Waikiki beach. A ...

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Thread: Hawaiian Vacation

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    Hawaiian Vacation

    This was awhile back but here goes. White Male 6’, 185 mid 20’s is walking down the sidewalk about 1130 AM on Waikiki beach. A car pulls up about 3’ away and two locals (Polynesian/Samoan) mid 20’s 6’ 6”+, 230+ call him over to the car and show him a gun and tell him to get in. Hawaii being such a liberal right to carry state (LOL) he is not armed.
    His response was to turn 90 degrees and walk away from the car across the open grassy park area until he came to some MP’s and reported the incident. No bullets followed him and to the best of our knowledge no one was ever charged.

    Your thoughts?
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    Not sure what thoughts you're looking for. Crappy that Hawaii has just about the most restrictive gun laws in the nation? Of course. Even worse considering that they have a fairly serious crime rate in Honolulu? Naturally. Should the guy have done something else? I don't know. What he did seems to have worked, though he's probably lucky he didn't get shot in the back. Would I have done something else? Probably. I would have ducked and run, taken cover, whatever, but probably not just nonchalantly turn my back and walk away.

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    Living right works, at least it did this time. I think that I would have moved faster than a walk and not in a straight line.

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    Question Bad to worse

    No thinking person would get in the car.
    Keep the shotgun handy!!

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    Get the heck outa Dodge - but NOT walking. Some speed and zig-zag even to gain distance.

    Better to risk a bullet than get in car - that could be certain doom. Trying to remember something re CCW in HI - there are two! Was that it! Despicable ignoring of constitutional rights.
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    But they do have some very pro gun guides and hunters there.
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    I would've run zig zags as fast as I could to cover or the nearest police, whichever is closer

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    I'm shocked!

    Apparently "Gun Control" doesn't work!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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