Home invasion gone bad. 2 dead.

Home invasion gone bad. 2 dead.

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Thread: Home invasion gone bad. 2 dead.

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    Home invasion gone bad. 2 dead.

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    Cheaper then locking them up.
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    Let me guess. They were 'good kids' and were just about to turn their life around after experiencing some burglary and larceny and didn't mean any harm if the homeowner would have just let them have his money.

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    We prefer no repeat offenders, and in this case...only one dead offender, the others may pay the price for the dead offender. Sounds fair to me.
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    Every home invasion ought to end bad for the invaders. If they were sincerely decent people, they wouldn't be invading another person's home.

    Want a one-way ticket to Hades? Invade the home of a law-abiding American.
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    That is life in the fast lane. Stuff happens in real life and you have to take it as it happens. Prior proper training and learning will help to eliminate Fatal issues for those that attended class on those issues......
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    My question would be what constitutes a home invasion not gone "bad"? Unless all the invaders end up dead its bad to begin with. Actually I think you could consider all home invasions
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    1 perp dead, other two are in custody. What's the "bad" part again?
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    Scored a hit on all three. Not bad. Unfortunately one without a criminal history (READ - never been caught) got the harshest lesson, whereas the career guy survived to be supported by taxpayer money...

    They ought to start teaching kids with a different approach when discussing right and wrong/breaking the law. Steer away from going to jail, to likely will get shot and die rather than a year or two in juvie if you are a minor, and no, your parents will not be able to sue the one who shot you for all they have.

    An interesting twist...if a minor gets caught (alive or dead) parents required to forfeit all their property to the victim of said crime (since they are responsible for the actions of their offspring).

    He/She was a good kid trying to turn their life around is no longer a defense.

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    Not sure about the title of the thread, I only saw where 2 were arrested and 1 was dead.

    As to the home invasion going bad, it didn't. The home invasion went good, the home owner defended himself and survived. The scum who broke in paid the price. One definitely learned the lesson, only time will tell if the other 2 learned anything from it.
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    You want to be a perp in SC and screw with someone's house or belongings, you had better have life insurance so that your surviving relatives at least have money for a proper funeral. Castle Doctrine, citizen's arrest etal have been upheld in all the cases that I have been able to read about; prosecutors are more than happy to take these cases off their docket and with this happening, civil liability also goes out the window.

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    Apparently, they didn’t anticipate the resident having a firearm. More and more residents are shooting intruders so hats’ off for the ‘home team’. Sure, it’s a bad thing of what happened to the young girl but it’s all rather academic to the incident.
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    Friends don't let friends break into their homes?
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    Millwood was armed with a handgun and fired multiple shots striking each suspect once. A male suspect struggled with Millwood before fleeing the residence. Millwood called 911 and the York County Sheriffís Office responded to the incident location, the release said.

    Read more: Clover | 2 arrested after Clover home invasion, fatal shooting | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
    To me, this confirms two things:
    1) When confronting home invaders, use a shotgun, not a pistol. (Doubt there would have been a struggle with the homeowner if the perp was hit with a blast of 00 Buckshot)
    2) While a pump-action shotgun is great for a lone invader, a good-quality autoloading shotgun would give you a much better chance at faster follow-up shots on multiple perps (especially armed ones who are shooting back). Plus, Autos have the advantage over a pump in a high stress situation because they are point-and-shoot and you don't have to worry about "short stroking" an auto and jamming it like you do a pump when firing multiple fast follow-up shots under stress.
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    3 on 1 and the 1 won. Maybe there is something to having a gun. duh.
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