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Do you shoot the robber if he has a toy gun??

This is a discussion on Do you shoot the robber if he has a toy gun?? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If the bad guy displays what appears to be a weapon in an obviously threatening manner, you are no longer able to do anything "pre-emptively". ...

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Thread: Do you shoot the robber if he has a toy gun??

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    If the bad guy displays what appears to be a weapon in an obviously threatening manner, you are no longer able to do anything "pre-emptively". He has already presented a credible threat and anything you do after that moment is a reaction, not a pre-emptive strike.
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    You're right, jumpwing. He has already started the situation, and you are definitely in the reactive mode. But if by the scenario, you know absolutely that it is a toy, then he is not a deadly force threat. Your first reaction should be to take cover in case it is NOT a toy, then prepare to shoot. If he levels the toy gun at you, and you think it may actually pose some sort of threat, (battery acid, infected fluids, gasoline, etc) then shoot.

    But still, you're not carrying to prevent a bank from being robbed. And as noble as it may sound, you're not carrying to protect "innocent civilians". You're carrying for self-defense.

    If nut-job points a toy gun at a teller and demands money, most likely the teller will give nut-job a bag of cash and nut-job will run out the front door as quickly as possible. He wants money, not a body count. If nut-job wants to kill people, you'll know soon enough because the shooting will start RIGHT NOW. Then you just react shoot him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gruntingfrog View Post
    I'll rephrase the question and let it stand unanswered.

    Would you shoot someone who you believe is not an imminent threat to your life or the lives of others?
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    Honestly, I do not know how anyone could be 100% sure it was a toy(unless it is red and see through). If I were reasonably sure it was fake, I would draw on him and comand him to the floor, if he ran I would let him. If he turned and pointed it at me, I shoot(I'm not going to be the first one killed with a modified toy).

    I for one do not agree with ignoring a felon. I pray I never have to fire my gun at anyone, but I would have a hard time allowing an armed felon to flee when he could be stopped, dead or alive(preferably by far).

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    i know this is an old thread, but it's something to think about when looking at "toy" guns, plus i thought they were kinda cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveStealth View Post
    The answer is no, I would not shoot him but what I would do is, walk up to him, draw my gun and pistol whip him just like Marshal Earp use to do in Dodge City. Any other questions?
    Don't use your gun to pistol whip someone, you may mar the finish.
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    If the teller is dumb enough to hand the money over to someone with a toy gun who am I to interfere?

    I would probably be laughing so hard I wouldn't even be much of a witness.


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    It's not real call his bluff and even laugh at him if you want. In the meantime I still keep my distance, you don't know if he has another weapon or not. Even if he has another weapon this does not call for me to shoot the BG at this point. Now if the BG comes towards me with the second weapon ( and can't be avoided) and my life is in danger then the BG gets what he has coming. No one here wants to shoot anyone but at the same time we all want to go home safe at the end of the day.

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