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Y'all are missing the fact that the bear had cubs.

A shot or two is not going to scare it away, it will stand firm or attack because it percieves YOU as the threat.

Everyone that hunts knows that a bear with cubs is bad news.
If the cubs are within sight, you are going to have to kill the bear.

That bear will protect its cubs. Unfortunately, if it sees a dog or a human within vision of its cubs, there usually will be a confrontation.Thats the way bears with cubs are.
This is the most important aspect. I read the article and it sounds like the dog was in the new owners backyard, as was the supposition of the scenario, which means it invaded my property. Sure, my dogs may have posed a new threat, but that doesn't change the fact that momma is angry and in attack mode. Your typical smaller black bear can be killed with a .45 ACP round. However, I hope I'd be carrying my .357 instead. I'd be calling the cops once I'm done and be waiting for them to arrive. Even if I don't call it in, someone else would. Better to take care of things on my own.

I live in the city limits, and bears have wondered further into the city than my yard in the past decade. I'm not going to worry about the cubs. My thoughts are towards protecting my dogs, and any of the myriad of people who walk around my neighborhood.

Thankfully the bears normally don't come to my side of town. They are typically up on the west and north sides of my city every spring. We have at least 2-3 bear sightings a year. The DNR has even had to put down more than one relocated bear that came back as well. Then the liberals cry for the bear that would have killed them just for their morning bowl of cereal.

That, and I've had bear sausage in the past which was delicious. I wouldn't mind making myself some if I can keep the dead bear.