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When would you fire warning shots?

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Thread: When would you fire warning shots?

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    After 2 CoM, 1 H..."Well, I warned you!"
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    Never!!!!. If I have to pull it I`ll use it.

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    Never! Enough said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    No, it's because I HAVE fully thought out the placement and use of warning shots and still can't think of a single instance (against human begins) where they would be a good or only option vs something else.

    Well I thought mine were good, so YMMV.

    Here is an article that goes over firing vs hit ratio for NYC officers... the hit rate is as high as 28% and as low as 17%. It gets higher (43%) at closer ranges (0-6 feet) but it's still not great.
    I was/am talking about hit rate in general under stress... and it is substantiated.
    And there are MANY MANY substantiated examples of the presence of firearms frightening off would-be attacker without any shots fired.

    I was referring to 'hits' of things for warning shots which would not be moving, would likely be large and obvious and easier to hit. Would one hit it all the time under stress? Doubtful but certainly with a better hit ratio than COM under stress in an actual shooting! So yeah, the odds of my successfully pulling off a warning shot without injuring someone else are higher than shooting someone in the same situation. @_@

    Except, depending on where you are and what is going on you might actually have to take your muzzle OFF of the REAL potential threat to find a "safe" place to fire your warning shot giving your would-be attacker an opportunity to rush you.

    It's not like you go in with a rock solid plan for warning. If it's not smart to move your muzzle you dont. It's not rocket science. You react to the situation just like you do any other. In my scenarios, the kidnapping and livestock examples, it wasnt even an issue but were very likely cases where I would use a warning shot. The other 2 were judgement calls based on a dog's and an individual's behavior. And yes.....it's MY call just like in any other situation. I will use that lethal weapon with great prudence where lives are concerned.
    Yes, there are. I choose to minimize the risks by not taking unnecessary and/or legally questionable shots.
    Personally, I think that shooting someone opens you up to more legal action any day of the week. And more serious charges. As for bodily risk, it's each individual's call.
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    When would you fire warning shots?

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    Warning shots=bad idea
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    Quote Originally Posted by 9MMare View Post
    If it's not smart to move your muzzle you dont.
    It's never smart to move your muzzle off of a lethal threat.

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    I would never use warning shots on a human.

    In the wild, I might. The Harold Fish case here in AZ comes to mind. Fish was hiking on a trail when he successfully deterred two dogs (one of which had a history of aggression toward people) who were poised to attack him, by firing two shots into the dirt. The dogs backed off. Unfortunately for Fish, the dogs' owner came after him menacingly and Fish shot him to death. (Google "Harold Fish case" for the long, sad story). I think Fish's action vis-a-vis the dogs was not out of line

    My point is, lots of animals that would have you be the dinner and not the diner may be deterred by loud noises. If I'm lightly armed (i.e., with just a handgun, or a shotgun loaded with birdshot) I might think twice about seriously escalating a situation that I have doubts about being able to finish. I'm particularly thinking of dangerous animals such as bears or big cats
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    In the State of Florida there's a mandatory sentence for firing a warning shot.

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    The only time I actually fired a warning shot at a person was in Iraq. It was a call by my team leader. I would have been happier to put that bullet COM but our squad leader was following ROE.

    In civilian world, I don't see warning shots happening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    You shoot to stop the threat,even tho your shooting COM and that round may end somebodys life to say your shooting to kill if you ever get caught up in a SD shooting that post may come back to haunt you,not all DA's are on the side of using deadly force for self defense,they can come out and say,so your first shot struck him in the chest,but you kept shooting because your intent was to kill,not just stop the threat

    Shooting to kill implies murder; I shoot to neutralize a threat.
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    Warning shots are only on a ship firing low enough velocity, large bore ammo that the other vessel's captain can see the round as it passes over the bow.
    I don't happen to own a ship.
    The views expressed above are the opinion of the poster and may or may not be total bunk.
    Viewer discretion is advised.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomtsr View Post
    My question is when, if ever, would you fire a warning shot?
    N E V E R

    If you are firing, it's because your life, or the life of a loved one, is in danger....and you have positively ID'd your target and you are engaging on the target.

    At no time is a "warning shot" warranted or required. Someone who uses "warning shots" may/can/will take someone else's life--in that case, they didn't get the warning, they got shot.

    Quote Originally Posted by 9MMare View Post
    From the sound of this response, it sounds like, because your frame of mind is 'never', that you havent fully thought out the placement or use of a warning shot. In that case, it's best that you dont use one of course.

    And I find your comments on that aspects of people's reactions to and 'aiming' of warning shots very unsubstantiated. Much more like opinion, which you're entitled to. A lawn is a pretty good one, and pretty hard to miss. Ricochets unlikely. The possibility of bad shoots, accidentally hitting people etc...I'm pretty sure are less than shots aimed at COM that miss.

    There are risks anytime we fire our weapons in RL, I'm sure everyone here knows that.
    Are you aware of any rocks, or any hard surface under the lawn that can cause a ricochet? Are you willing to bet someone else's life to that? What if you're not in your yard? "Warning shots" are irresponsible, IMO, and will cause more problems than you're trying to solve.

    If you decide pulling the trigger is a good idea, you better be ready to explain what you're aiming at to a judge and jury.

    "I was only aiming for the grass"---"yes, and you negligently did not take into a account the possiblity of deflection or ricochet, killing Mr X"
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    Circumstances will dictate what you do when your gun is drawn. Hopefully, you realize that every round you discharge may have a lawyer’s name attached to it. Personally, I wouldn’t be inclined to fire my gun unless it was to protect my life or my loved ones’.
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    I echo most of the replies so far. In SC, if you are CC and have a presumption of imminent danger of death or great bodily injury, you can present and fire your firearm at the offending party, be it animal, vegetable or mineral. If you are firing a warning shot, you do not have that same presumption by common sense definition; you just cannot have it--if you did, you would not be spending the time to fire said warning when your life is in imminent danger--it makes no sense whatsoever----your presentation of your firearm and the resulting warning shot is called "brandishing" and "unlawful discharge of a firearm" and they are illegal.

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