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When would you fire warning shots?

This is a discussion on When would you fire warning shots? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; There are a couple of justifications for firing warning shots... When the herd has been spooked and it's coming toward you sounding like the rumble ...

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Thread: When would you fire warning shots?

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    There are a couple of justifications for firing warning shots...

    When the herd has been spooked and it's coming toward you sounding like the rumble of thunder, a few shots in the air might turn the herd.

    A four legged beast of the domestic sort starts posturing. A shot that kicks dirt in its fact might turn it. If it dosent, it's getting shot.

    Other than that...NO.
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    Never in a self defense situation. If you draw your weapon, you should be prepared to shoot the BG period; no other reason to draw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orange Boy View Post
    In the State of Florida there's a mandatory sentence for firing a warning shot.
    Cite the FL Statute on this, please. Or, the source.
    I have never heard this before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Biggie313 View Post
    Never. If you draw, be prepared to shoot. If you shoot, shoot to kill
    If you shoot you shoot to stop the threat! Any time that you say that you shot to kill it can very easily aruged that there was premeditation. If you shoot to stop a threat and the BG/ animal dies because of their wound, so be it!

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    I could see firing a warning shot, but not admitting it was actually such.

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    I think the next time I attend training, I will bring it up to the instructors that we need to practice warning shots....


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    I am only going to draw and fire if my life is threatened. I will shoot until the threat to my life stops. No warning shots.
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    In the off chance that I'm surrounded by balloons, and a homicidal lunatic with a machete is wildly hacking through them as I flee, I may fire a warning shot with my shotgun to clear enough balloons to get a clear shot at him. Man, it's a grand morning for hypothetical situations, I feel the creative juices flowing.

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    Warning shots are 4 legged creatures not humans.
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    i will fire a British warning shot after i have run out of ammunition

    Bang i say, and if you don't stop I'll be forced to say Bang louder!!
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    I'm trying to see both sides to the issue, but every time I think it through, it boils down to this. Never ever use deadly force in any manner against fellow man, unless he's trying to kill you. Then you should try to stop him, and I don't think a warning shot would be efficatious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by miklcolt45 View Post
    Cite the FL Statute on this, please. Or, the source.
    I have never heard this before.
    This is in line with what Jon Gutmacher says in his book regarding the topic.

    Warning shot outside an imminent defensive need may net a 20 year mandatory prison term.

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    Interesting replies.. Just off the cuff, if someone did fire a warning shot, where would they aim? You definatle would not shoot up in the air. Shooting into the ground is not a good idea either. You certainly would not want to shoot a hole in the floor or roof of your house.. So from that, I agree with most everyone else - Never - Operating a gun is akin to driving a car - YOU are 100% responcible for what you do and how you do it.


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    In a SD situation in which I am justified to clear leather, my first shot center mass will serve as the only warning that person or others will get. Follow-up warnings will be placed with the same intention.
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    Only when questioned, "sir there are two holes in this person, yet three .45 casings, can you explain that." A little mad at my self for missing I say "well that first one was a warning shot."

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