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The Agressor has been stopped.....Now What?

This is a discussion on The Agressor has been stopped.....Now What? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Understandable and very very possible Scenario here. This is assuming I have family and/or a child with me... For me, I have this set in ...

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Thread: The Agressor has been stopped.....Now What?

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    Understandable and very very possible Scenario here.
    This is assuming I have family and/or a child with me...
    For me, I have this set in my mind. The first thing is, how far away are they, this will judge on how I react. next, I will command them to stop moving towards me(if their hands are in a pocket, ask to remove them) and what they want. Also during this time I will also make mental note of their clothing, where their hands are or how they are being used and the surrounding area. Should they not fallow any of that, I will yell at them with a affermative tone to Stop. If they do not, I will take this as they are planning to do some type of harm to me. (because, as Ive said in other post, Normal People do not keep coming towards someone if they are told not to). At that, I will draw and point towards them, and tell them I will fire if they do not stop coming towards me at that moment. (if your keeping track, To this point I gave them 3 chances to withdraw...and to me that is key when talking to my lawyer). Personally, I do not want to wait til a stranger comes within a close prox to me to ask what they want, probably too late at that point.
    Should I have to shoot (or even not) I will call the local PD on the situation. I have a rule in my mind...if I draw the gun, I draw the Cell Phone. Its better to make the complaint to the cops then to not, and have the BG call and say someone pulled a gun on him. My lawyer will be included as well (shots fired, or not) I want him to know as well, just out of respect as well as to inform him should more come of it.

    Now even though my state is a "must retreat" state, that only assumes I am alone. Naturally if i was alone to start with, I would just get into my car and drive away without even saying anything to start with. But if I have family and a kid(which i do not) I can only assume that they can get into the car but probably not faster then the BG is moving towards me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spidey2011 View Post
    I believe he said armed, and that he verbally challenged the individual, at which point a plain clothes detective would have stopped and ID'ed himself.

    If an individual holding a gun approached a family in a parking lot, at night, and refused to identify himself while continuing to advance aggressively in their direction, I see no reason not to shoot. Would you rather wait until you or a loved one have absorbed a bullet or two? Even if it were a knife or a baseball bat, you are well within your rights to fire, provided your state doesn't have a "Duty to Retreat."
    This is pretty much how I feel, and FL has no duty to retreat. Leave this old man and his family alone.
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    This post is a great example of why I seldom visit here. Everyone and their brother that read the OP's post knows what he was getting at. But, of course his post had to be totally nit picked apart to the point where the original question is no longer being answered.

    It is almost like people here wait for someone to post so they can disect their post and point out every single error, from grammar to decison made.

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    I recently came across this list, which seems to make the most sense to me. I doubt I would be able to remember it all word for word, but I know the basic idea.

    1. Call 9-1-1. Ask for an ambulance and police. Asking for an ambulance first then police shows the human side of you.

    2. Tell the operator "I shot a man that was trying to hurt me". The key words are shot (not killed, off'ed, smoked, etc), man (not a teenager, child, mo-fo, etc).

    3. Give your location and describe yourself. Most likely your description will be relayed to the first responding police officer. It would be to your advantage if the officer has an idea of who is the "good guy".

    4. Do not answer the operator's questions for details. You are being recorded so you have to be brief. Say that you are really busy right now but you are willing to stay on the line until police arrive.

    5. Speak clearly. This projects the image of being in control and not panic.

    6. Do not have your pistol in your hand when the officer arrives. Holster it when you see the car approach. Keep your hands visible from this point forward.

    7. Give the officer a brief non-emotional description of the events. Give enough to make the initial police report. He/she needs basic information to decide if you are free to leave, getting a free ride to the police station for more questions, or getting the handcuffs.

    8. Avoid giving out too much information. Your emotions will come out and may work against you. Say that you are trying your hardest not to throw up right now and would rather answer questions later. Police officers who have been involved in a shooting will sympathize with this. If you did #7 well, this should not be a problem.

    9. Others. Don't argue with witnesses. Don't act aggressively even if you're angry. Move slowly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DamYankee View Post
    Your out for dinner with your family. On your way to your car in a dark parking lot a armed assailant approaches.You order him to stop.You yell out for help.He continues toward you. Your wife and children are scared and starting to scream in fear. You draw your weapon and fire. The assault is stopped. You call 911. The police arrive.

    My question now is "Now What?" What should you do or not do?
    I just read an article about this in some gun magazine. They generally suggest - if you can under the stress - when you call 911 leave it at that you were attacked and had to stop it. Tell your description, if medical needed alert them - keep on the line with 911 until police arrive. If at all possible, holster or better place your gun on the ground a distance away from you (and of course, if he is just wounded, a distance from the BG). If you need the gun still to protect yourself, make sure 911 knows you have a gun present in your hand for defense purposes and describe the most obvious things about you and ask that the police en route are notified of this quickly and fully. Keep stressing that.

    Then when they arrive, obey all orders, and when the time comes, be cooperative but - and I though this was a good response, say: "I was attacked and had to defend myself. I will cooperate fully and willingly with the police investigation, but not until my attorney is present".

    And I add: Call your attorney, likely better I think to wait until now - might not look good if you called your lawyer before the police were even at the scene - like you knew you did something wrong.

    Another point of mine: I think it good to think whatever the procedure and words you would use occasionally like a rehearsal - so it sticks under what would be overwhelming stress. If it's vague now, it will REALLY be vague at the time - (if god forbid there comes such a time)

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    The OP's question is quite clear to me. No further explanation needed OP.

    I was instructed by LEO CWP instructor to yell out after the shoot in front of witnesses, "I have a concealed weapon permit and this person tried to (insert what BG tried to do). Make sure you say it loud and more than once if needed. Call 911, tell them there has been a shooting and you need medical and LEO assistance immediately. Tell them what you have on and if you have him at gunpoint tell them that as well as the fact you have a permit to carry if you are in public as you said. When they arrive, be sure to comply with orders with no sudden movements. Tell them you feared for your life and defended yourself Then, shut the F up until you get legal council. Don't assume the officers are your friends, even if they really are. Don't assume you were justified and it's ok to spill everything that happened. The less you try to remember to do or say the better off you will be when you are spazzing out after the incident.

    As for your family, it's a good idea to tell them what to say and do NOW instead of waiting until it happens.
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