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When they robbed my mom's bank

This is a discussion on When they robbed my mom's bank within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Chaplain Scott Spidey: In Montana, you cannot carry CONCEALED in a Bank--you can open carry (or carry in a briefcase, purse or ...

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Thread: When they robbed my mom's bank

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaplain Scott View Post
    Spidey: In Montana, you cannot carry CONCEALED in a Bank--you can open carry (or carry in a briefcase, purse or backpack). Of course, open carrying in the presense of 2 active bank robbers with guns might not be such a great idea.......
    I wondered about that, since you can OC in restaurants that sell alcohol. Thanks for clearing that up, though I don't plan to test it with the LEO's around here.

    Quote Originally Posted by 10thmtn View Post
    Have not been inside a bank in a looooong time. Direct deposit, the internet, the mail, and the phone are your friends.
    That's great and all, but some people, like me, still get payed in paper checks. I'm at the bank at least once a week.

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    Everything in the first post says do nothing to me. The robbers were efficient, calm outside of finding the dye pack, and got out fast. I'm betting they were old hands at bank robbing. That could mean a lot of things, and if you screw up, then things would get real ugly real fast.

    Had they showed anger, or any major lack of discipline, then attempting to take them down would make more sense.

    This would be one of those bad scenarios where doing something could be best bet, or could do the most harm. It all depends on how the BGs react to your shots, and how well you move against them. Unless you are there at the time, you will never know how to best react.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redbeardsong View Post
    I wouldn't carry without a round in the chamber.
    You're missing something.

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    This is a situation where if you don't have a round chambered its the difference between life and death, however if the OP feels the need to carry unchambered we have already beat this to death with a stick from both sides and I feel the op has made an informed choice. I do not feel it is the correct choice for carry but I am not the op and I do not know his situation. However I do want to know how the decision to carry unchambered would affect your reaction OP and how would you chamber so as not to avoid being noticed. Whats your take on the scenario? I personally do not think I could just sit there and let a man put a gun to my Mom's head. this is a situation I do not feel comfortable with making a solid this is what I would do statement, however I feel the correct book answer is wait and see what happens. My emotional side says he threatened Mom, drop him
    "The value you put on the lost will be determined by the sacrifice you are willing to make to seek them until they are found."

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    Quote Originally Posted by redbeardsong View Post
    I wouldn't carry without a round in the chamber.
    thing is, the OP, adric22 does carry without a round in the chamber.
    his strategy can not extend past drawing and chambering a round knowing that the noise he makes will draw the robbers attention; and likely their fire.
    he may well sacrifice himself to get them to stop pointing the gun at his mother.
    but in doing so , he gets shot. and had he done nothing (as most are suggesting to be the best strategy) they left without shooting anyone.

    for me, even with a round chambered and decades of experience, i would hold off.
    they had been in the bank that long with no shots fired, they acted professional, not even an attention getting shot in the ceiling--they wanted in and out, the money and quiet. denying pride and protecting mom may be hard, but action brings reaction...and that meant bullets not just in your direction.

    hoping they'd just take the money and leave
    without a round chambered and with your professed level of training, as you say is your best way.
    You plug 'em, I plant 'em
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