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This is a discussion on Man on front porch within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just had the thought that this could also be classic Ahlzheimers symptoms. Maybe a past owner of the home is stopping by and remembering his ...

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Thread: Man on front porch

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    Just had the thought that this could also be classic Ahlzheimers symptoms. Maybe a past owner of the home is stopping by and remembering his days there.

    I hope its something that simple and benign.

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    A good, loud motion detector at the top of the stairs would be good.
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    It's amazing how big a splinter you can pull up in the seat of a wood rocker with a good whittling knife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopyard View Post
    You didn't say how old your grandma is and what her general health is like. Is there any possibility that she is imagining this?

    It sure sounds odd, and the police found no prints. Then too, it didn't happen when you went out there either.

    A camera (and a dog) would both be good ideas, but pay some very careful attention to grandma's other speech and behavior, and how she responds to stuff. You might be looking at a very early sign of senility or a neurological problem. She also might just be fearful of being alone and it manifests itself with something odd like this.

    And if it is real, maybe she needs some other living arrangement till the guy is caught. No one in their right mind or without malevolent intent would behave that way.
    First thing I thought of when I read the post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gottabkiddin View Post
    first and foremost, make sure that property is posted "no trespassing". That way if he shows up again he is at least breaking the law and the police should come out and fix his malfunction. The other suggestion would be to get a good dog that will alert your mother to the trespasser giving her enough time to phone the police, and you never know, the dog alone may be enough to persuade the loafer to scram and stay away.

    I would strongly suggest to mother not to open the door and try to handle it herself. That may be just what the guy wants her to do.

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    im thinking animal, if she hasnt actually seen him and just heard him moving around its probably a dog, not a good idea for her to be going out on her own to see whats there
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    Game camera and new shotgun.
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    Thanks everyone for the input. We picked up a game camera today and I put it in the bushes next to the porch so hopefully it'll turn up with something. And no my grandma is in really good health. Her husband died a few years ago and I know she's a little lonely down there but I don't think she's imagining a noise since my mom has heard it as well. And she does have a dog with her but she's a little smaller than an adult lab so not much of a guard dog lol. But after I talked with her about it she said it could've been a dog so we'll see. I never would have thought of the game camera so thank you all for that idea. And she talked with the Sheriffs dept. a while ago and they patrol down her road more often now so if anything did happen they have a better chance of getting there fast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mkh View Post
    Agreed. But Georgia allows open carry so this may be a good time to OC.

    Sounds like an animal such as a raccoon like others suggested but I would also make sure grandma isn't imagining things. Look for other signs that she may be having issues.
    Not doubting OCing...but the part where the OP states "show him my Glock"...indicated to me the OP was going to have the gun in hand...which, if the guy wasn't an immediate threat or not armed, would be a BAD idea.
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    When out on the farm, I kept hearing something when I was around the area of the house ...... knowing there I was alone, but I couldn't figure out any animal that would come close or follow, especially around a house. Ended up finding out it was a curious coyote, not afraid and not accustomed to people. One day, I raised my arms screaming and ran toward him (couldn't shoot as cattle on the other side of him).

    Funny thing was, he just "froze". It shocked him. Finally when I was about 12 ft away from him, he decided to run about 30 ft, stopped, turned and stared at me..... so I ran at him again.... and he decided to jog off and leave ... constantly looking over his shoulder to see where I was. We moved the cattle to another area, so if he does it again, he'll be a dead coyote.
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    Post this sign on her porch: "Trespassers will be Violated"
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    Quote Originally Posted by BugDude View Post
    Post this sign on her porch: "Trespassers will be Violated"
    I like it....

    Or, maybe perforated.

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    I wonder if it's a ghost!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post
    Not doubting OCing...but the part where the OP states "show him my Glock"...indicated to me the OP was going to have the gun in hand...which, if the guy wasn't an immediate threat or not armed, would be a BAD idea.
    Again, I agree on the gun in hand part.

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    This is a rural area, your grandma is a Very Vulnerable Senior.

    I take this Very Seriously. There is no acceptable reason for anyone to go on her porch and hang out. WHO DOES THIS?

    Here's is one Simple, Straightforward Acceptable Possibility: A Predator.

    Assume the guy exists and your mentally healthy grandma's intuition is correct. (excellent question by Hopyard)

    The trespassing sign is a nice idea. No Soliciting as well. Buy two ADT/local security signs off ebay and post in high visibility spots.

    Make sure he cannot remove the game camera (great idea) if he sees flash/hears it go off. If you get a pic, print/email and go to sheriff. Review mugshots. Check for/agaist local sex offenders. Check with local parole officers. Post his pic on the place he sits on Grandma's portch: POLICE KNOW WHO YOU ARE typed above his pic. (Frankly, go check local sex offenders and felons list now anyways. Good to know period.)

    If you run into him personally, get a camera and take his pic - offhand - yourself. Tell him in five minutes, Police Officer _______ will have your photo (get a policeman/sheriff contact). We now know who you are. The police and I will know where you live. NEVER COME HERE AGAIN, EVER.....etc. Follow him at distance, call 911. See if he has car. Get license and description.

    I see OC'ing in front of him as very tactically acceptable as long as GA law allows it on your own property (if no, Im speechless at that absurdity). Good Lord, this unknown man is SITTING ON YOUR FRONT PORCH! If you follow him off your property at distance to get license/description, are you illegal with OC. If so, remember to pull shirt over. Keep lots of distance.

    Did I mention: This is a Rural Area (no one to hear you scream; lots of quiet time and space - Predator Nirvana), your grandma is a Very Vulnerable Senior.

    Personally, I stand ready to let him know that I live here at the house; what I do if I ever see him attempting/entering the house. I let him know what I do if I see him again on our property. I do it low voice, matter of fact, and with direct eye contact. I let him know what I want him to know AND ONLY what I am ACTUALLY willing to commit to do.

    Again, this is your Grandma in a Rural Area.

    Do a full house security check. Add 3" deck screws to all door hinges. Find other measures to harden entry points of the house. Here is a start for your research: Door Security Pro: Home Door Jamb Reinforcement Stops Door Kick-in

    I would take my grandma off the property for a week while I do this.

    Take her to your local range and get her practicing with that 22, now. She is brave. Good for her! She has GRIT. Tactically Focus her Grit. Practice at range with you or instructor. Multiple times. Review home tactics with quality instructor. GET HER TO STAY INSIDE THE HOUSE. Let the bad guy come to her with her 22. Have her dry fire practice at her home -make it more Real. Have protocol for when to dial 911 and when to drop phone and take care of business. Have protocol for when she hears "you/family" coming to visit. You see where I go with this. Keep it simple and safe. Get a second 22. Have both in different parts of the house. Is she willing to OC at home until you catch this guy? Best idea.

    Here is your range of risk:

    Hes a local harmless, kinda weird guy with extremely poor manners/social graces that youve never heard about. Grandma, meet Forrest Gump. This is certainly a possibility and judge in the moment accordingly if you catch him. Modulate your words to him.


    He is a Predator or budding Predator. He's slowly builiding up confidence/checking for resistance as he amps himself up into some sort of (pick one or all) assault/rape/torture/murder etc of your elderly Grandma in a remote rural area.

    Which one or in between: How can you tell? How do you know? Answer: You can only guess. Hindsight, God Forbid, is 20/20. Whats the price y'all pay for the for Predator? Can you live with yourself if you guess wrong? WHO DOES THIS BEHAVIOR???

    I have very strong feelings regarding the safety of the elderly/weak/infirm/women/children/family from bullies and Predators.

    I send you and your Gritty Grandma my best with this post. Please update how it goes.
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