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We look around, but what about UP?

This is a discussion on We look around, but what about UP? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Back in the day........we used to run a training scenario with the ERT (SWAT) that was a real eye opener. We would have a squad ...

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Thread: We look around, but what about UP?

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    Back in the day........we used to run a training scenario with the ERT (SWAT) that was a real eye opener. We would have a squad come in to clear a building with a kitchen. There was a very large commercial freezer in the kitchen. We would position a "shooter" on top of the freezer hidden behind some old soft drink carriers. You would watch these guys come in, check around corners, under sinks etc and then yell clear. As soon as the word "Clear" was uttered, the "shooter" would open fire, ususally "killing" most of the squad. I never forgot that. The human eye is programmed to look for threats from eye level downward. I mention this in every Firearms class I teach, search in a 360 bubble. Good post!

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    As a previous post stated walking around in yellow alert, you can't walk around like your walk a trail in Nam. You can win every scenario, sometimes you might loose. You can't train for the Unknown... because its Unknown. We train the best we can with what we know, and hope our level of training will help us with what we can't train for..... the Unknown.


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    In my world... Looking up is agood idea. I learned to do it while working in NYC housing projects, and tenniments. Whn ever entering a bulding of two or more stories... I look up. More like glance up. I highly recomend it to anyone in a service profession. There are bad guys who will drop a load on you from a window or the roof. More ways to get robbed than with a gun. I'm now living in florida... the land of the hidden corners and perfect hiding spots in every condo and apartment.

    Situational awareness dont have to be cumbersom... but it does require a little work. And what could it hurt to glance up...


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    Sure, I look up into trees. But not really as I walk under them, but I do check out any elevated location while it's still at a distance. Maybe it's a holdover from hunting as a kid, because you never know what kind of buck might be at the top of that ridge, or even on a hillside behind a tree.

    What I have more trouble with is looking BEHIND me as I walk. I look at everything 180, or even 200 degrees in front, but I have trouble with looking behind me as I walk without looking... strange. This is an issue for me, as what really convinced me to carry was an assault from behind. Years ago I was hit in the back of the head by a guy at a full run that came up behind me, knocked me down. So, aside from silvering the outside edges of my sunglasses, what's the best way to look behind you without people thinking you're "touched" in the head?

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