5 men kick in the door armed with shotguns

5 men kick in the door armed with shotguns

This is a discussion on 5 men kick in the door armed with shotguns within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Here's a real scenario of a home invasion, as it occurred. The couple had young children in the house, apparently no dog or mechanical or ...

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Thread: 5 men kick in the door armed with shotguns

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    5 men kick in the door armed with shotguns

    Here's a real scenario of a home invasion, as it occurred. The couple had young children in the house, apparently no dog or mechanical or electronic early warning system, and no weapons in the house.

    The household is one of Christian missionaries so there are some religious references.

    Knowing that most of us here take our security seriously, and may even be armed at all times in the home, how do you think you would deal with such an occurrence?

    This apparently happened sometime in June.

    >>>Part one, from the wife's perspective

    >>>Part two, from the husband's perspective

    There's more to the story... and the aftermath of that night, but I'll leave it to you to decide if you want to read the blogs or not.

    I'm told that home invasions are on the rise, I believe that. I have also heard that more than one gunman is becoming the norm. I believe that as well.

    Now, how to best deal with it short of armored doors walls and windows, and a lifestyle bordering on paranoia, is something I'm still working out.

    <Edit> Well, it's been moved here... It'll probably get read more here, and more responses. That's okay. But to me, it really was about home defense and security.
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    Well, my first thoughts are that you need some sort of early warning system. Dogs are nice, but even my cat will alert if someone pulls into the driveway. If your first indication of trouble comes when they kick down your door, you are already at a disadvantage.
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    That's a tough one. Unfortunately, I'd probably be dead for the simple fact that I'd have had a handgun when I went to check things out. If not I'd have seen that I was outnumbered and probably gone with it if they just wanted stuff. My wife's Macbook doesn't have anything important on it, and neither does my laptop. Anything important on my desktop PC is encrypted. If stuff is what they want I can give them stuff. We all know that me against 4 shotgun-wielding thugs and an idiot with a paintball gun isn't going to end well for me. I'm not Bruce Willis.

    When I get a home that's not an apartment it will have a surveillance system set up, as well as motion-detecting lights and the whole shebang.
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    I would die like a viking.
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    Five guys with shotguns standing in your living room is a bad time to think about SD/HD.
    A man has to be better prepared...if not for himself, for his family. Dog(s), guns, lights...etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    I would die like a viking.
    Me too. Five guys with shotguns are going to make for a very bad day for me.
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    I've mentioned this before, but the single best thing a person can do to defend their home is to change their striker plate. I bought these for my home:

    Door Frame Reinforcement Strike Master II Pro keeps your door from being kicked in.

    These are huge striker plates that cover most of the door frame and are bolted several inches into the stud. Its funny how every now and then a news channel will run a story about "lock bumping" or other means of picking locks and how easy it is, then everyone suddenly becomes all paranoid. It is really kind of dumb though, since most crooks aren't going to bother with picking or bumping locks when it is so easy to just kick the door in. By adding those striker plates, it makes it much more difficult and there is almost no way a crook could kick the door in on the first try. So it is going to make a lot of racket and give you a chance to wake up and grab your gun.

    The other thing I would recommend is an alarm system. Even if it is just those little $10 alarms you can buy at wal-mart that you can put on each door and turn them on when you go to bed. That way if they manage to open the door some way or another, that thing is going to go off and do one of two things. One, it might scare them off because they will know you're awake now! The crook isn't likely to know the difference between a full-house alarm or a $10 door alarm so they may also believe the cops are on their way. Or 2, at least you won't die in your sleep because you'll know somebody opened the door. You can also put those things on windows too. All my windows are locked, so it would require breaking the window to get in, but the noise of the glass breaking would also wake me up.

    Security cameras are also a decent deterrent. I have several all around my house. They are pretty small, though. So I'm not sure the average crook will see them unless they are looking for them.
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    This is the reason why my front yard is full of claymore mines.
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    Well I will fight back with a shot gun and a hand gun. One or more would be dead for sure.

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    I may go down in this scenario, but they will have been riddled with .45s...I can only hope that I could slow them down enough to make escape possible for the wife and little ones.
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    This would be a time that having accepted the fact that all nust and will die at sometime would be good, because most likely you will die tonight. I don't see any good coming from this even if you give them all they want, in most cases.

    But if you are not armed at the time they kick the door open you most likely have no chance to arm yourself afterwards. They will take control of you and yours the very first thing. Only hope I see is being armed and take out one or two fast and the rest running away with little or no fight. If they all stay and fight you most likely will lose before you can take them all out. But even though you are shot and the blood is running freely you must keep in the fight for as long as you possible can for your family to have any chance at all.

    How do you fight a fight like this? TRAINING, practice to shoot a gun will not win this fight you must of had training to fight a gunfight to win, unless you are very lucky.
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    Looks like this story is from Uganda.
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    did you forget fugas worked well in nam.
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    No two persons can fit throgh my door at one time, Hopefully they go down as they come in ; )
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    Quote Originally Posted by alachner View Post
    This is the reason why my front yard is full of claymore mines.
    With "Toward Enemy" facing you, right? LOL

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