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Can I carry a gun at an ATM?

This is a discussion on Can I carry a gun at an ATM? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Hoganbeg Actually, I'm pretty sure the Federal Reserve is a private bank. Also, there is no blanket prohibition of carry on federal ...

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Thread: Can I carry a gun at an ATM?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoganbeg View Post
    Actually, I'm pretty sure the Federal Reserve is a private bank. Also, there is no blanket prohibition of carry on federal property; In some places its OK, & not in others.
    Yep. Privately owned by smaller banks
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    Personally, I think you have to be crazy to use an ATM, and absolutely crazy to use one at night. I shake my head down here in Charleston everytime I read about a robbery or car hijack TAKING PLACE AT AN ATM AT 1-3 AM. What these people are thinking is beyond me. If you really want to test out your defensive/offensive abilities with a firearm, keep going to an ATM at night and, in no time, there will be someone there to test your skills on. It just seems so much easier to plan on having enough cash on you so you do not need to use an ATM, or have a credit card that eliminates money transactions altogether. Just do not get the convenience vs the threat of an ATM, when safer alternatives exist.

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    I've CC'd in my local bank many times, & primarily use drive-up ATM's with an open view.

    I don't feel sheepish about doing it, either!
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    Quote Originally Posted by xsigma40cal View Post
    I'd actually recommend it.

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    I regularly carry inside my banking establishments, however it's always concealed and I only shout "gimme all my money!" as I hand the teller my ID and paycheck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nightsonge View Post
    The Regions Banks here in the Ft. Smith, AR area aren't posted. If they were my account would be closed.
    Plenty of other reasons to close your account with those thieves.

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    I carry in any bank and have never had a problem. I would never open carry though .

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    I carry at my (bank) credit union.

    Yep I carry at my credit union all the time. Michigan does prohibit gun in "A depository financial institution (e.g., bank or credit union)" unless you have a valid CPL. With a CPL you can even open carry into a bank. I don't think I would do that however.

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    I carry concealed in two banks locally and in fact wouldn't use an ATM if I wasn't carrying! I don't go the the ATM at late hours of the night either! That, in my opinion, is just begging for trrouble!
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    I would agree that is a place you would not want to be without it (outside ATM).

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    I work in the armored truck industry. I have been into pretty much every bank around. I have noticed that Wells Fargo does NOT ban concealed carry. US Banks tend to vary. Rule of thumb, if its posted don't carry into the bank no matter how fast you will be in and out, any weapon in a bank where it is posted is considered a robbery threat = BIG TROUBLE lol. Atms as long as they are not inside a posted non carry bank it is fine! Remember in the laws for most states that carry on the property of a posted non carry business is ok in the parking lot and UP TO the door but not inside is ok!

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    Local banks vs Federa Reserve Bank

    Certainly bank carry may be dictated by state regs. There is no federal regulation concerning carry within a commercial bank. As I sit here typing I am at my desk in a commercial bank with a Sig P238 in my pocket. States with no carry posting laws may have banks that do not allow it.

    The Federal Reserve Bank is a different animal. With only a dozen in the country it is unlikely you will ever visit one. If you do, you will give advance notice of your car, tag number and purpose. You will check in via an armed guard post (not mall cop, think M-4) and your car will be searched - think like entereing a military installation. There are common areas of the FRB and there are places you will never go. You won't be bringing a weapon inside.

    Some FRB's are, however, open for tours. You will still have to go through security. The New York City FRB has the largest gold reserves in the world. You can take tours of the gold vaults. But you certainly are not going to be carrying in New York City anyway.

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