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Reason why I started carrying

This is a discussion on Reason why I started carrying within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by MadMac I doubt this was a serious attempt to violently assault you and your GF. Could it have been? Sure, but it ...

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Thread: Reason why I started carrying

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMac View Post
    I doubt this was a serious attempt to violently assault you and your GF. Could it have been? Sure, but it could also be a guy hoping to get you to go to his church. A gun isn't a talisman that keeps you from harm. It's the very last thing you need to deploy in a life-threatening situation. The key is being to able to tell the difference between a life-threatening situation, and one that's simply uncomfortable. You failed the first test.

    Carrying a gun is the easy part. Knowing when and how to use it is far more difficult.
    MadMac, I appreciate your opinion but this isnt the first time you have made incorrect assumptions. I was uncomfortable, that was as far as the situation got for me. However you seem to think that there was no way that it could have been worse or that something could have happened that was life threatening. If I had a gun on my at the time it would have stayed completely secure until an attempt on my life or my girl friends life was made. It is obviously the last tool to implement in a life threatening situation, I think any carrying person can clearly reason that.

    Because of where I was, and how I felt I obviously didnt think it was life threatening at the time. If it was, I would have been hauling ass in the opposite direction as fast as possible. Even if I had a firearm and not a knife.

    Since I received my CCL I have taken multiple training classes in different disciplines (including a 2 week seminar), and I am pretty confident in my "knowing when and how to use it"

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3G19eXo View Post
    No offense taken. :)

    Have you ever read those stories in "Combat Handguns" magazine. You know, the column usually labeled "It happened to me"? I think most of those stories are about people just pulling their guns to scare off an attacker, I don't remember reading one where someone actualy used there gun in self defense.

    I've been told by several gun toting friends that if you pull your gun that you had better be prepared to use it. Now like I previously mentioned, I'm fairly new to carrying, does that mean I shouldn't pull my gun if I think things are about to turn for the worse to hopefully deter an attack like most of those stories in the magazine? I mean, if I truly feel my life is about to end, then of course, you gotta do what you gotta do.

    But let's just say in the OP's situation, let me change things a bit. Let's say the guy happened to pull a knife and lunge at him or his girlfriend but he had plenty of room to flee the attacker on foot but instead he pulled his gun and either scared the attacker off or shot him. I guess if that happened then the very next thing to do is call 911 before the perp has a chance to.

    If he had pulled a knife at that point, it would depend on the distance he was to me. I caught him at a pretty good distance away and the moment he came out with a weapon I was close enough to the security of the hotel we would have fled. If he had gotten much closer, or we were in a different part of the city (and I was carrying) I may had been forced to draw.

    If I draw it is with the intent to take a life. Its not coming out before then. If I draw he drops his knife and flees the gun is getting holstered and 911 is being dialed immediately, no matter what

    A knife is most definitely a deadly weapon. If you havent seen the FBI video and pictures of the officers attacked by a man with a knife it was pretty gruesome.

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