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This isnt even funny anymore, time for a career change.

This is a discussion on This isnt even funny anymore, time for a career change. within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In my order of importance. 1 Make absolutely certain you weapon is 100% reliable. Carry on your person at all times (chambered), even in the ...

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Thread: This isnt even funny anymore, time for a career change.

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    Do What You Believe In, (Your Job)

    In my order of importance.

    1 Make absolutely certain you weapon is 100% reliable. Carry on your person at all times (chambered), even in the house.

    2 J-frame or equivalent, goes easy in the pocket, automobile console, etc. In fact get 2, one for the pocket, one for the console. It's very difficult to pull from the pocket when sitting in your car.

    3 shotgun, safety off. I don't chamber mine because there are kids in the house and I leave it beside bed at night. Safety off because when I rack the slide I have just given away my position and alerted the BG.

    4 Alarm system.

    5 outside motion detectors connected to enunciators AND lights.

    6 fence and gate(s).

    7 little yappy dog, they tend to be more alert than big ones, eat less, poop less. Size is up to you.

    8 video system, place DVR in a back room, garage, attic, basement...
    ...he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. Luke 22:36
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    Quote Originally Posted by oneshot View Post
    ^^^^GO big or go home..^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Nothing says you are going to be annhialated like an ovtcharka, Great pyrennes, Anatolian, or any livestock guardian dog.

    As an owner of 2 Great Pyrenees I can attest to that, they have a big bark they like to let loose and are fiercely loyal to their family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankeeman View Post
    As an owner of 2 Great Pyrenees I can attest to that, they have a big bark they like to let loose and are fiercely loyal to their family.

    ^^^^^^^^^Yes they are^^^^^^^^^^

    And will DIE Protecting their "family", in other-words, YOU and YOURS,

    As attested to in this account of One Great Pyr, attacking a rather large black bear,,

    Great Pyr and Bear - a True Story

    While I agree, that A dog is better than NO dog,
    a little yapper is all about that, YAPPING, (and maybe a little ankle-biting), but thats about it.

    When the chips are down, the BG has you cornered, these dogs,[LGD's] without hesitation will, I believe kill instinctively, but only when they sense they have too.

    They are not mean as junkyard dogs, or untrustworthy.

    They operate on instinct.

    To read more on LGD's,,,,,,, Livestock Guardian Dogs

    And a forestry workers take on LGD's here;

    Livestock guardian dogs have evolved over about 5,000 years of selective breeding and ruthless culling. People ate dog for most of that time and it is only recently that man could afford to feed large, non-productive, pet dogs. Guardian dogs that ran away from attacking bears or wolves usually ended up as supper for the farmer. They certainly were not fed or used for breeding. The end result of this 5,000-year breeding program is that today’s guardian dogs have had fear bred right out of them. They will guard your family, livestock, chickens, or silvicultural workers against anything, fearlessly, until they die.

    from this link:Livestock Guardian Dogs at Work – Another Side of The Great Pyrenees
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    Just to clarify, these are two different cases and I dont date my female clients. My clients are in these two cases are ineligible for me to even consider because, (A) one is a current client and doesnt even have the necassary anatomy, and (B) the other did actually ask me out, but was promptly shut-down because she is a collosal trainwreck waiting to happen.

    And this is forum on my current security situation, not my love life.
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    No need to clarify. It was obvious in the OP.
    May you be in Heaven before the Devil knows you're dead

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    The discussion by xsigma40cal regarding dating clients, reminds me of a situation that happened to me once. Not trying to hijack the thread, but thought I would introduce a little bit of levity.

    I was in the process of getting read to sue on of the major car manufacturers for a lemon vehicle (13 repair attempts in the 1st year alone) and was called into the lawyers office on a saturday morning to practice for an upcoming q&a session. The law firm was a rather conservative firm in a high dollar penthouse in downtown Cleveland, Oh. The main lawyer decided to give one of the juniors some experience by conducting the interview. My interviewee was (surprisingly) a "goth chick" and I am not sure how she even got the job with this firm, but that is neither here nor there. Anyway, she was asking questions related to the case and then out of the blue asks, "So what is your phone number". The main lawyer, who was half paying attention, jerked his head up, and stammered, "What does that have to do with anything?". The "goth chick" replied, "It doesn't. I just wanted his number."

    She attended the q&a session with us and the auto manufacturers representative the following Monday, but that was the last time we saw her as she was subsequently replaced.

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    Perhaps I missed it, but I haven't seen anyone, including the OP, explain the self-defense parameters in his state. He's an attorney, an officer of the court. If he's messing in a pond with bad people, he should know what the statute allows.

    I did a book about firearms and self-defense out here in WA, and even some cops use it as a reference guide.

    When there is a credible, imminent threat of grave bodily harm or death, know what you can do to stop it...and stop it.

    But that's just me talking.

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    I thought I had posted earlier but don't see it now. Anyway, the situation is sufficiently concerning overall that OP should consider living somewhere else temporarily. If you have family, consider moving them elsewhere from where you go.

    The part of the story that caught my attention most was the off hand comment that you thought that powers that be might be after you because you have the temerity to provide a defense for the woman. If true, you are in serious danger, though that concern sounds a bit far fetched. If not true, I sincerely hope you are not letting your imagination exaggerate the real danger you might be facing.

    Though I share some of the skepticism I think posted by MadMac (can't easily look back just now), I want to point out that working pro-bono does not mean the same thing as working off the clock. Our OP could well be doing exactly what he is doing with his firm's blessing, on the clock, but the firm doesn't bill the client for the time. I think the idea that the OP is doing something improper because the client is female is a bit much from the info we have. I prefer to take the OP's story at face value. That is, he is handling a case in which he has reason to fear retribution from several different sources. These things happen. Therefore, he needs to protect himself. One way is to move elsewhere temporarily. It may sound cowardly, but it beats the heck out of taking one's chances on a gun fight, or being in a house that gets set on fire while you are asleep.
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