Very Serious Potential Threat From Disgruntled Employee

Very Serious Potential Threat From Disgruntled Employee

This is a discussion on Very Serious Potential Threat From Disgruntled Employee within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm a read a lot, post a little member here, but thanks in advance for your advice. Unfortunately I had to let someone go this ...

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Thread: Very Serious Potential Threat From Disgruntled Employee

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    Very Serious Potential Threat From Disgruntled Employee

    I'm a read a lot, post a little member here, but thanks in advance for your advice.

    Unfortunately I had to let someone go this week and at times he has been quite unstable. Former soldier, has claimed to suffer from PTSD, and he has a history of violence both inside and outside the home. He is obviously not happy being fired, and not happy with me.

    So I'm basically in condition orange (always in yellow) for the time being. I don't expect that there will be an encounter, but the potential is certainly there until the dust settles a bit. I have friends/coworkers who talk regularly with him, and I've asked them to tell me if his conversations are turning violent toward me.

    One thing possibly in my favor is that he knows that firearms are a hobby of mine and knows that I am well-armed at the home. Someone like him so outraged might not care, but maybe it would make him rethink a potential encounter....maybe not.

    I'd like to know what precautions I might be overlooking. The house doors/windows are double-locked, locking car doors behind me, head on a swivel all the time, avoiding blind corners, using alternate entrance/exit from work, eyes open and alert always. I don't want to live like a fugitive, but this person is potentially very dangerous to me, my wife, and 3 young kids. There hasn't been a specific threat, but his instability is concerning.

    All comments are welcome on my mindset and preparation. Please tell me where I'm right and wrong. Thanks.

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    Sounds like you pretty much have it covered.Does he know where you live? The only problem i see that he knows you are into guns and probably carry and therefore taking that into consideration,if he is going to do anything to you he will do it quickly,rather than confronting you with a few choice words or just a punch in the face. Good luck,i hope nothing becomes of it.
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    You seem to be taking charge of you and your families safety.

    If he makes any physical threats towards you get them documented with your local law enforcement agency immediately.

    You can certainly have an officer stop by and make the PD aware of the situation as it is now.

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    Does your wife work, if not is she armed at home? If she is armed or has access to a weapon is she comfortable using it? Does he know where your kids go to daycare/school? I hate to think of one of our former soldiers out to harm someone one over something like this but we all know that even the best people can snap. Be carefull.
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    Sounds like you are doing everything right.You said you are well armed at home, what about work? Do you carry everyday and everywhere?
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    Talking to your co-workers and friends about this person could be bad strategy. Maybe they will tell him you are talking about him, and if he is as unstable as you think he is that may set him off.
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    Wow, that is rough. I doubt he would come to your home. But it does pay to be safe. If he is truely that unstable, you might want to send your wife and kids away for a few days until things cool off. I don't think he would specifically target them, but if he came after you at home, they might get hurt. If you think the threat is that serious, I would definitely try and get in touch with the officers that patrol your neighborhood and give them a heads up. They might be able to drive an extra patrol or two near your house.

    Also, have you considered getting a rental car for a few days? Park the rental car in a shopping center lot/friends house/church, drive from your house to the lot, change cars, and take the rental car to work. That may give you an extra edge if he is waiting for you/your vehicle in the company parking lot.

    Have you considered getting armed/extra security at your company for a week or so?

    If he is really unstable, though, he would likely target the company, not your home.

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    Keeping your SA and SD/HD on full alert is a must..., but I would suspect that IF he were going to try something, it would not be a full frontal attack, but rather a sneak attack when he knew you'd least suspect it.
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    You might consider changing your route to and from work, as well as your departure and arrival times - just to be less predictable.
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    Also be sure to look under and around your car and try to do things like check the brakes before you go too far or too fast. Chances are that nothing will happen. Chances also are that if it does, it will be in a manner you won't see coming,.

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    This single line is the only thing that stuck out to me as possibly needing some attention.

    One thing possibly in my favor is that he knows that firearms are a hobby of mine and knows that I am well-armed at the home.
    Kinda sounds like being armed 24/7 might be in order, if it's not already...
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    Were you solely responsible for the decision to let him go? Just wondering if there are others who may share some of the "blame" as he would see it, and maybe take a little of the focus off you. If it was all your decision then it sounds like you're doing what you can do. I personally wouldn't freak out too much, just keep on your toes and stay armed even while chilling around the house.
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    Try to be alert, as best you can, to threats that may come from a distance, rather than up close. If he does consider retaliation, being ex military, a rifle may be his weapon of choice.
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    Change your routine & your normal established times for awhile.
    Alter your route to & from work and those exact times.
    If you always go food shopping every Sunday afternoon then go in the evening & then in the afternoon the following week.
    Think about what you normally do that would make you the easiest & most accessible target.
    AKA - Don't walk out your front door to get your morning paper at exactly 7:00 AM every day.

    > Buy a pair of high quality decent power binoculars so that you can use to discretely watch to see if he is watching/stalking you.
    A pawn shop would be a great place to find those in used condition.

    Think about things like leaving work to go to your vehicle.

    Honestly if a former soldier "schooled in the art of war" wants you dead and he does not care about any possible ramifications for his actions...there may be precious little that you can practically do about it save for some "common sense" actions.

    Place yourself in his mind. If your intention was to kill you in the least problematic way possible.
    How would you do it and then change that if it's at all possible.
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    Sounds like your doing things right. Only things I might suggest would be, not only vary your entrance and exit to work, but also vary your route to and from home. If your wife works outside the home, have her do the same. Have you children go to and from school with others, not by themselves.
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