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Airsoft for Training?

This is a discussion on Airsoft for Training? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; At one time I would have agreed with you, that airsoft was a waste. Until Saturday that is, where I picked up a quality HK ...

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Thread: Airsoft for Training?

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    At one time I would have agreed with you, that airsoft was a waste. Until Saturday that is, where I picked up a quality HK USP. 45 airsoft for 200 bucks with air can, and bag of 6 mm pellets. This thing duplicates every function slide operates, locks open on mt, decocker, sa / da, safety, accurate, I can do drills in my yard that would be flat out unsafe with a real gun. Hip shooting, Mozambique, shooting the walnuts from the hip is a hoot!

    If it was not for the hot orange front, and the made in sticker it feels and looks absolutely real!
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    I hold airsoft as invaluable tool, u can learn so much that u can't learn on a square range. You do need people dedicated to to train as you. The one thing I've found is that stand and deliver is a quick way to lose a gunfight, and you can't learn to get off the x and point shoot at a conventional range in a weaver stance slow firing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheldon J View Post
    If it was not for the hot orange front, and the made in sticker it feels and looks absolutely real!


    This is why it's doubly as important to go through the basic safety steps, when you're starting and finishing your airsoft training for the day.

    To have an airsoft mixed-up with your real-steel firearms is going to be a HUGE problem, to say the least.

    Be sure to have a system to cover the basic safety issues of both, as well as to have specifics implemented on each side of that equation, too. Each of us have our unique safety concerns and needs, so assess your situation in a logical and thorough manner, and then implement rules that you'll never sidetrack or shortcut.

    Stay safe!

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    I have an airsoft and use it during the winter months when I can't get to the range as often. I also recently got a CO2 powered BB replica of my carry gun. The trigger is close to the real thing. I'm happy with it, and I can shoot indoors where it is warmer.

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    Well a few years ago I found out almost by accident that one of my kin who has an Airsoft AK47 might do a bit of might be FOF training with his. Trying to pump him 4 info got exasperating after 5 minutes or so. I felt as tho he wasn't wanting to tell me anything or as little as possible. That's when some other stuff I had wondered about came into focus and I tried to get him to spill the beans but he wasn't having it.

    So IDK 4 sure what to think but he's the one I have earmarked to inherit my guns and ammo when I head for Heaven. If I weren't all old and slow and half stove up FOF training would be a good idea tho my feelings are 6 to 8 hours of FOF Trng would necessitate a week of physical therapy or just get and stay drunk for 6 or 7 days or until the pain stops and the bruises and bandages come off.

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    Airsoft can be a very useful tool especially if its a realistic model. One area that most citizens need to practice is drawing from the holster. Most folks go to a range and do their shooting starting with gun in hand. IMHO its just as important to get your weapon out of its holster and on target without minimal fumbling. You may discover you need to change equipment or carry location. At the very least you'll be better prepared to draw without thinking about your movements.

    In my later years in LE we used Simunition equipment which is basically an advanced airsoft in a way. Getting hit is like a wasp sting x3 so you have great incentive to "survive". Nothing like being on a two way range to give you a reality check!

    Used properly with appropriate safety devices Airsoft can be a great tool.

    Simunition – Non-Lethal Training Ammunition – Training for the real world – Conversion Kits – Protective Equipment – Spare Parts – Fx Marking Cartridges – Securiblank Cartridges
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    Do you train drawing a gun in armlength encounters, blocking real or imagined punches or stabs with you other hand, moving frantically and shooting? Do you train shooting in your house from different locations and angles? I find it difficult to do this with a real gun. You can do it with the cheapest of Airsoft. You can do it with a partner and alone. It's not a perfect simulation but it's better than just putting holes into papers at the range in my opinion.

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    4 year old post, she hasn't been back since 2013, I really don't think she's interested.
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