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the side walk is about 10' from the place that i was sitting (the front steps) then about 20' from the sidewalk to the street that is grass and then a big ditch, and yes he's a typical clumsy kid, i dont smoke inside the house and when i go out he likes to go out too and walk up and down the sidewalk, i have predetermind borders that if he crosses i go get him and bring him back, when the temps start falling he will have to stay inside and by next spring we will have to start using the back yard that's fenced in, why not use the back yard now??? because the sidewalk is good for walking when you are 1, the bumpy grass of the back yard is not.
Makes perfect sense now. I was visualizing, incorrectly, a sidewalk immediately adjacent to, or close to the street. Your explanation makes a lot of sense now. Our 16 month old Granddaughter struggles out here due to the rough ground. Our deck is about the best for her.

I smoked outside my houses for many years. Finally quit smoking 2+ years ago, but still miss it. The wife and I are both from Kansas, and lived in Wichita 12 years.