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This is a discussion on Horesplaying LEO within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In the words of Daffy Duck... "So what's to save?" My first thought would be that if it were someone who was being stopped for ...

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Thread: Horesplaying LEO

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    In the words of Daffy Duck... "So what's to save?"

    My first thought would be that if it were someone who was being stopped for a crime bent on doing the officer harm the officer wouldn't just stand there and let himself be tackled (at least I hope not). The moment the car door opened the officer would likely be issuing commands for the driver to get back in the car and probably starting to position his hand over a weapon. The posturing would be one of a man ready for a fight, not someone just standing there waiting to be tackled. The "rush" of the driver would induce at least an attempt at self defense... but, that's just Lima theory.

    Of course you had to be driving too so you may not have seen those indicators.. so, yes, good for you for at least attempting to go to his aide.

    That being said, I'll echo the others.. Cops are people. They find ways to make their job "fun."

    My BIL is a police officer and I often drive through "his" country when on my way home to visit the parents. If he knows I'm coming, on duty and not busy he'll try to set himself up so he can "tag me" on my way through. If he's about to get a break I'll sometimes get a police escort to his house and have a quick visit with him and my sister before heading to my parents house.. might even get a police escort to the county line on my way out.

    He's also a canine handler and once planted a crack pipe on my Dad's van to demonstrate the power of his dog's nose while my Dad was passing through the county. Here we are, standing at the side of the road with rubber-neckers having a GRAND time as a drug dog circles my Dad's van and an officer pulls out a crack pipe from the wheel well laughing gleefully.

    If you did not know the context of the "stop" you'd rightly think the worse.

    It was pretty cool to see what the dog could do and what he could smell through. My BIL proceeded to impress us by hiding a whole variety of various drugs all over my dad's van and setting his dog lose to find them all (with strict instructions to bark when he found them vs scratching). We were sure entertained and some people probably had some good stories to tell their internet friends when they got home..lol.

    "OMG! I just passed a cop making a drug bust! He had the dog out and everything and they were pulling all sorts of stuff out of this van. Can't believe those losers weren't in handcuffs while he was searching their vehicle."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doubledown View Post
    I know what you mean about the horseplay thing. I have several friends that are cops and one night I was headed home on a back road when out of total darkness the lights and siren high beams search light all come on what seemed like inches from my back bumper. I took a minute to collect my thoughts and check my pants and pulled over. The voice over the PA orders my hands out the window, full felony stop. As I am beginning to think that this night is going to end very badly and I have no idea why. The voice starts to laugh and says "you actually follow instructions pretty well I don't know what your wife is talking about." This was all a joke by a friend of 15 years who is also the chief of police in a nearby town. He saw me pass him as he was headed home and killed his lights and snuck up on me completely dark "for effect". The comment about following directions came from a recent dinner when our wives were complaining about our attention to detail in housework. He found the whole thing very funny, I punched him hard enough in the shoulder that he still had a bruise when we were out on my boat a week later. (plus now he owes me 2 speeding tickets and brought a really nice bottle of single malt to poker night) Looking back it was pretty funny and had it happened to one of our other friends it would have been hilarious. (He brought the dash cam video to poker night to share)
    My uncle was a Mississippi State Trooper and he pulled my Grandma (his Momma) over one time and as he walked up to her car he said "Ma'am do you know it's your son's birthday today?" She chewed him out good for that one.

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    Lima, I know what you're saying. If I would have taken a little bit of time to really think the situation through I probably would have concluded that all was okay.

    The officer did take a defensive posture, but he obviously didn't reach for his sidearm. Instead... he spread his feet, crouched, and lifted his hands in a classic wrestler's stance. The driver was "unarmed"... well, at least he didn't appear to be brandishing a weapon at the time. I'm not sure at what point an officer is authorized to draw his gun. Can they draw on an unarmed civilian?

    Anyway, I would do the same thing if it all happened again. I'd risk looking silly, or even get gripped at by the officer to reassure myself that I didn't just abandon an officer in need. I think it's important to remember that a law enforcement officer's authority means nothing to some criminals. Sure, they can call in back up and have a belt full of cool gadgets, but they come into close contact with society's worst apples. The fact that it would be inappropriate the approach every encounter with gun drawn puts the criminal at a advantage and leaves officers very vulnerable.

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    Very unprofessional behavior.

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    Life partner?
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    Unfortunate but feces happens.

    I doubt anybody is going to get into trouble for assisting an LEO they think is in trouble unless they come out shooting before being absolutely sure there's a problem. Even then if you can state the LEO seemed to need assistance, and your assumptions were reasonable and prudent, you might get a pass.

    A passing thought was that maybe this LEO's Supervisor might need to have a chit chat with him since the incident was in view of the public as well as a properly armed state employee, but I personally wouldn't want to get him in trouble over it. I'm sure he got the message.

    He may not have planned the event but it seems he was prepared for it since he played along. A better response would have to ordered the 'friend' to stop in a very harsh tone. LEO's friends prove they're friends by not getting their LEO friends in trouble.
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    could have been worse!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doodle View Post
    could have been worse!
    Yup, the officer might have actually needed help, and you [OP] were there.

    - OR -

    The officer needed help and nobody stopped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BioGLoCK23 View Post
    I am not law enforcement, but I am allowed to carry by executive order due to the nature of my duties. That's all I will say.
    Then carry something bigger

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    Quote Originally Posted by nn View Post
    Then carry something bigger
    I'm also a state worker, not an LEO, and carry daily as state statute allows me too.

    OP you did good. When I was an LEO I had a couple situations were citizens stopped to lend aid. It was greatly appreciated.
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