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Child At Your Door In The Middle Of The Night

This is a discussion on Child At Your Door In The Middle Of The Night within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by mlr1m For those who choose to take the offensive. I assume you are ready to accept the dangers you will put yourself ...

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Thread: Child At Your Door In The Middle Of The Night

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlr1m View Post
    For those who choose to take the offensive. I assume you are ready to accept the dangers you will put yourself in by taking action. What about the financial dangers to your family and possible loss of freedom for yourself if the government decides you made a wrong choice?

    My options for action are very broad...

    Who says I have to go in guns blazing?

    Look & listen & learn...observe from the shadows.

    Throw a rock through the window and see what happens...knock on the door and hide...if you see somoene who shouldn't be their...well...that's more intel.

    Action is very broad, and I am patient. Very patient...

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    I wouldn't hesitate to leave my wife and family with my GSD and 12 gauge while me and my pistol go next door. I refuse to let someone die if I can help it, I don't care about laws or all that. What does the Bible say about love thy neighbor as thyself? Not going to let them die if I can help it, even if I put myself in jeopardy. Wasn't it Kenny Rogers who sang, "sometimes you have to fight when you're a man". Are we really so weak and apathetic as a society that we would "hunker down" and not get involved? Why not just leave the little tike outside and say "I called the cops, good luck little one". Here in the south, we don't roll that way.

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    I would do the same thing I would do if I didn't have a gun; I cannot say at this point what that would be. I might charge the fort or I might hunker down, but I would try to obtain some intel.
    Yoda, I am, yes.

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    A few years ago there was a stalking case. The woman being stalked moved to another state, if I remember correctly. Well, the stalker found her and attacked her in her home. She fled while on the phone with 911 and ran to a neighbor's house. The neighbor, also a woman, let her in and locked the door. While on the phone with 911, he entered the neighbor's house, killed his needed victim then shot himself.

    Once the child is at the door, we're involved deeper than most would think. We need to secure the kid, our family, then take immediate action to prepare for a fight as it may be coming since there is now a witness in your residence.

    I don't know what I'd do and I really can't speculate. Before the attempted robbery/assault at my home last year,I would have thought I'd do things very differently than I did. When adrenaline and anger at the fact someone is doing this to you kick in, we tend to react differently than we think. I have quite a bit of training in this general area with some training n what to do after contact is broken. I did things right up until it was time to lock myself inside and wait for the police.

    So, based on that alone, I have no clue what I'd do. Does the average repose time of the police come into play during the decision makings. Does it change if the neighbor is your sister or a very good friend? Would it matter if there was one attacker or four? Would it matter if you have never attended any training or trained regular with how to deal with very similar situations?

    With the home invasion/murder that just happened to the 92 year old man 2 blocks from me and the fact it's very similar to the guy I almost shot last year that came at me with a crowbar after trying to break in, I honestly cannot say how I'd react. The fact that they have no leads in the murder, right now I'm on edge and honestly, I'm very angry.

    I'd like to say that I'd secure the child and my family and wait for police. I know that's the right answer, it's what I'd teach and it's what we want to hear from the like-minded people we associate with. Today, I just don't know. Given the situation as laid out in the OP and I really didn't know them well nor had I npbeen in the house, I'd like to think we'd hunker down and stay put.

    For the record, my home defense weapon is a 10.5" LMT mk18 AR and I do have a plate carrier and Ops Core FAST helmet since they're requirements for the shoot house... Just sayin' ;)
    Proven combat techniques may not be flashy and may require a bit more physical effort on the part of the shooter. Further, they may not win competition matches, but they will help ensure your survival in a shooting or gunfight on the street. ~Paul Howe

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    I send my dog in. Shes a vicious attack chihuahua and has training from the shou lin monks. Her main strategy is to run up behind the bad guy and powerslide into him causing him to trip. She has done this mulitple times to me, tonight causing me to break my favorite glass. I feel confident she and I could stop the attack.

    Seriously though, family is on phone with cops, I am outside with rifle scanning for targets while talking on the radio. If directed by higher ups or dispatch, I go in. Otherwise I stay put and wait for the calvery
    "The value you put on the lost will be determined by the sacrifice you are willing to make to seek them until they are found."

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