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How to give minors access to guns

This is a discussion on How to give minors access to guns within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My dad was a preacher, we always had guns in the house with free access, for the five kids. We were more afraid of the ...

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Thread: How to give minors access to guns

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    My dad was a preacher, we always had guns in the house with free access, for the five kids. We were more afraid of the wrath of god ( dad's belt ) than we were of the guns. Times have changed and I really don't think they have changed for the better.
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    Well you can legally hunt in Wisconsin at age 10...God willing I have kids some day, I can guaranty they will be shooting well before then...take the curiosity out of them and they won't mess with them. I had my first gun at age 12 and kept it in my room. Oddly enough I've always been a much bigger hunter than anyone in my family but have always respected guns. I started shooting my Red Rider in the basement but only after I passed a safety quiz my father gave me.
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    I think if they're old enough to be left alone they should be responsible enough to have access. The solution there is just open the safe when they're alone.

    But the geek in me is imagining a cool system consisting of the "break glass and pull" type fire alarms which somehow trips the solenoid which unlocks the safe :)

    Kinda defeats the purpose of having a safe though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apvbguy View Post
    maybe the answer is that an 11 year old may not be ready to be left alone, why is she being left alone?
    Because some parents have to work to support their kids and child care is expensive. My children all have been taught how to use, respect, and handle firearms. They know what is what and I trust them, because I raised them to be responsible, to not mess with them. However, they have access to them in case of emergency. They can shoot you center mass just like I can, so prowlers beware. Of course, our first line of defense is Admiral, my trained GSD. He is a force in his own right and one that isn't a threat to the kids and can't be turned against them.

    There is no right or wrong IMO. I am not going to tell anyone what they should or should not do for this kind of thing. To each his own and I can only tell you what I do. Like it or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthMuffin View Post
    Kinda defeats the purpose of having a safe though.
    Well, it depends.. if the purpose of the safe is to secure from children, then it would probably work pretty well. I mean, if it requires breaking glass to get inside, then it is going to be hard for them to play with the gun unsupervised without getting caught. That is, unless they know how to buy, cut, and replace the glass before you get back home.

    If the purpose is to keep people from stealing your guns when they break into your home, then consider this. If the safe is only big enough to hold one handgun, then the crooks will just take the entire safe and cut it open later. In my case, I have a really big safe with all of my firearms and equipment, then a smaller safe that just holds the one gun which is loaded and ready to go. The only purpose for this small safe is to make my gun accessible to me in an emergency, but keep my daughter away from it. Otherwise, I'd just leave the gun on my nightstand, which is what I used to do before we had a child.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    Some forum members live a very different life than me. Guns were never part, in any way shape or form, part of my upbringing and I grew up in the urban environment of NYC, hardly the center of 2A activity and/or the wild west and real live wild animals (other than the human kind but that is not what I mean). IMHO---kids and guns do not mix--period/end of story. Having said that I am not going to pass judgement on others in their very different living environment than mine. Still I think the idea being presented in this thread just does not have a ring of a successful possibility.
    I too grew up in NYC. But I had some experiences and access to guns; in those days the HS had a rifle team. HS kids could bring their guns to school; yes, even in The Bronx.

    There is no answer. Another poster called this a conundrum. It would not be a conundrum if society could leave the decision to parents and assume that the parents are making responsible decisions based on their child's maturity. Sadly, we know that too many parents just will never behave responsibly so everyone else ends up screwed.

    These days in many places, maybe all over, a child or elderly infirm person should not be alone. Bummer.
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    I don't see a problem having a loaded long gun in the house kept for HD that is available to any member of the family as long as they have been raised with and taught about the safe use of firearms and when they are needed and have spent a lot of time behind the trigger with a knowledgeable instructor. But, as a general rule of thumb, I would say that any children under the age of 10 should probably not be allowed to have ready access to it.
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    I taught my children how to handle and respect weapons at a early age, I also taught them how to handle themselves very well. With that said my youngest is fourteen and vey good with his hands and feet and they are all a darn good shot. They know the combo to the safe and I feel very confident that if my house is broken into when they are home there will be hell to pay. I feel its every parents job to teach your children to respect and handle a fire arm if more people handled them and were taught how to use them the fear of fire arms would demise. Besides what the kids are capable of you dont even want to see what will happen if my yorkie gets on you there wont be anything left but a stain lol
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    I think a better way of phrasing the question is this:

    Should other people have the authority to tell YOU when your kid is ready to handle firearms?
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