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This is a discussion on Car burglary within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; There are a lot of good arguements from both sides of this issue. I hope this thread has given both sides food for thought. It ...

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Thread: Car burglary

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    There are a lot of good arguements from both sides of this issue. I hope this thread has given both sides food for thought. It has certainly given me much to chew on. Thanks for posting.

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    Each situation has too many variables. If in a mall parking lot and you come around the back corner of your car (I have a big truck with camper shell and you can't exactly see around or over it) and suddenly you are 5 feet from someone with your car door open in close proximity, they turn and see you, then you and he both have a split second to decide how each are going to respond. That may depend on other variables too. He has your door open and a car beside you, his only way out is where you are standing. He may feel hemmed in. Whether he is a big thug or a punk kid, you don't know if he has a knife or gun or if he is acting alone or has backup near by. In that scenario, my first inclination is to put distance and cover between me and the person while having my firearm in the low ready position and ordering him to get lost. That has more to do with suddenly coming upon the person than my property. Nothing in my truck but bad music CDs that I already have on my PC anyway.

    If I were 20 yards away and saw it, I'd find cover and call 911 while yelling at the perp from that distance with my hand on my weapon ready in case I needed it. Distance and cover are your friend regardless.
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    "Just a note you can't burglarize a car, it is actually larceny."

    Different jurisdictions have different semantics. In Texas, it's a burglary of a motor vehicle. A few years back, our wise legislators chose to make that crime a misdemeanor regardless of the value of the stolen items and damage. They did so to reduce prison overcrowding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aworldexport View Post
    I agree with the above. Your not making an arrest but with your help an arrest can be made. By doing what was suggested remain concealed and report all you can in real time to police. I would only draw if i came upon one and startled them and they came around after me. Trading a car for the price of a human being doesnt seem right to me... but trading his life in so you may keep yours is..and is our right... side-arm for last resorts...
    I agree that it is not right but probably for much different reasons than you have. I doubt my reasons are as humanitarian as yours.
    My life has value. It would be crazy for me to risk ruining or loosing my life to protect a TV set or a car under most circumstances.

    My motives not to shoot is completely selfish. It has nothing to do with the value of the person stealing my property as they have no value whatsoever to me. To say the thief's life is more valuable than my car is beyond reason to me.

    While I will not shoot him to protect my car do not think I and looking out for his interest. My car is far more valuable than he is. I will not shoot him because MY life does have value and I am not willing to place my life and those of my family in jeopardy with the law.


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