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Back Shooting. Why not?

This is a discussion on Back Shooting. Why not? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by maat What if the perps gun is not directly pointed at anyone? Do you still consider him a threat and take a ...

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Thread: Back Shooting. Why not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maat View Post
    What if the perps gun is not directly pointed at anyone? Do you still consider him a threat and take a back shot?
    Wellllll, the OP didn't specifically create a scenario where the BG is aiming at anyone in this thread (but is referring to other, similar threads in which the perp is aiming the gun at the clerk/teller).

    So, your question is fresh... If he's not aiming at anyone, but simply displaying (not "brandishing") a gun; if I have position, I'm covering him with my weapon, I'm witnessing. If I'm close enough, I might even try getting physical control of his weapon.

    If he displays "commitment" (begins to bring the gun to bear) I'm directing his attention away from the intended target and shooting.

    If he never shows "commitment," and I am not close enough, I am a good witness. Whatever he takes from whatever facility (bank/store) is insured.

    That's how I think I'd handle it... depending on the situation and the nuances.
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    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    "What if the perps gun is not directly pointed at anyone? Do you still consider him a threat and take a back shot? "

    I'm not sure i will see this as some sign of relief. Like Oh he is not pointing the gun at anyone all is well and safe. The second a robber comes into a store with gun in hand making demands that person is a danger. Period.

    Bringing a gun in hand making demands is enough of a threat for me to shoot at the first possible opportunity.

    I've seen store video of robberies where the robber was all calm cool and collected not waving the gun around but in an instant point and shoot someone dead as dead can be. Why on earth would i give this guy any quarter whatsoever?..

    Brandishing a gun in the commission of a crime in and of itself is a threat to life and limb.If i know 100% your a robber with a gun and i am behind you.Expect to hear pops then fade to black. Because these thugs have no mercy for anyone. I will never know how well i will handle a situation until it comes. I dont have a death wish and i dont want a cape and a shirt with a big S on it.But i can't lie to myself and think that theses criminals have thoughts of mercy compassion like regular honest folks do.

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