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Dealing with multiple BG's

This is a discussion on Dealing with multiple BG's within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; With regards to training there are concepts that work across wide range of interactions. Concepts like moving off the X and not allowing others to ...

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Thread: Dealing with multiple BG's

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    With regards to training there are concepts that work across wide range of interactions. Concepts like moving off the X and not allowing others to funnel your movement or "herd " you somewhere are concepts. There are different techniques to accomplish that end result.But relying on ONE specific TECHNIQUE to solve all problems is setting one up for failure if the situation is not EXACTLY the way you trained it.This is where Force on Force training is so important. Nothing moves, acts and reacts like people do except people. If all someone's "training " is target shooting at static targets in a pre planned order then they might be a bit behind the curve when the opponents move think and fight back.

    Another key is to be ruthless. These kind of attacks are carried out by "feral people". They are NOT the same as the folks you work with or go to church with. The people that would gang rape a 70 year old man are animals. Sorry. If you think I'm being harsh you need to wake up and stop being so naive. As such you should have just as little hesitation "putting them down" as you would have in shooting a rabid dog that was going to attack your child.

    In most cases like this begging for your life or relying on their "human decency" would be like trying to reason with a hungry lion as it mauls you. These are not the type of people you will be able to reason with. The only deescalation they will respond to is ballistic deescalation.

    Do a google search on Channon Christian and Christopher what they endured at the hands of their attackers.....and then ask yourself whether there are just plain evil people walking the streets that deserve nothing short of extermination....

    Be armed...Be your instincts...don't hesitate....and don't stop until they are down. They will NOT show you any mercy....act accordingly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ppkheat View Post
    The news article didn't allude to this, but a couple walking the streets near the FQ at 5:30 am could be trying to buy drugs; the two women may have told them to follow them and they'd take them to get what they need, when in fact they were only leading two targets (with money) for a set-up.

    Regardless, there certainly could be some non-verbal clues and/or they could be communicating with the guys via a bluetooth and "code words".
    Could be, but back in the day I had a short assignment to NO. We stayed in a hotel rather than official military quarters. It was not unusual to be heading to bed at 5:30 to get ready for 0700 formation. {To be young again...}
    Even in our somewhat impaired situational awareness we could identify predators out and about. Traveling in groups of 4+ helped to keep us safe. Had I ever found myself alone, I would probably scraped up cab fare.
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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    There's a lot the article doesn't allude to but in order for me to make the scenario applicable to me I have to assume it's a random attack because I'm certainly not going to be wandering the streets looking for drugs and following drug-dealing girl-friends into dark allies.
    Oh, I wasn't suggesting anything toward you, I was suggesting this couple may have put themselves in harms way. The news article is only food for thought.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    A sad reminder that many of us cannot fathom the depths of depravity that is lurking out there.
    No we can`t BUT you better be ready for it. As the economy goes down we`ll se a lot more of it. Always Carry,Never Tell.

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    Sad. 5:30AM on Bourbon street? I've done it, wouldn't do again. I think a cab would be cheaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullet1234 View Post
    A bad position to be & 4 to 1 would be tough; this shows how far man can fall and is willing to take
    advantage of his fellow man. Shows you never know when or where you will be confronted by BG.

    Reading this makes me kind of rethink my carry options. I have never been the 9mm fan
    but I do have some. Since the trend is going more & more to mob or flash group attacks
    I will start carry more ammo. Sometimes a 5 shot 38 might not be enough.
    Not a bad item to ADD a 9mm, but I would not give up the Jframe. The Jframe permits you to have your hand on the gun, when you sense trouble. So sometimes I think the Jframe is primary and the large capacity semi auto is the BUG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    This is where situational awareness and being in tune with body language are going to be your biggest saviors... at least in the first scenario.
    Agree to an extent but I know Bourbon St.

    99.9% sure the victims were obliterated, staggering down the street at 5:30 in the morning focusing on not falling down.

    I was there last month, had plenty of fun, but never forgot if I look like a victim I may become one.
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    Multiple BG's put you at a big disadvantage. A firearm is an equalizer. SA should keep you out of lots of situations, but you can't watch everywhere.

    Putting some rounds into a couple of your attackers will definitely get the attention of a group of thugs. Maybe someone knows the stats for whether these punks will turn tail and run, or decide to make a determined effort to kill you.

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    I'm always... and I mean always, somewhere when it's the wrong time .... and something happens. If something is going to happen, it will happen when I go there. It used to be a real pain, and a lot of people went to jail. LOL. But dang, it gets tiring. One reason I'm always prepared and expect anything and everything... at any time.
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    thats a tough situation, sounds like they never saw it coming. sure situational awareness helps, but common sense works even better. not walking bourbon street at 5am is a good place to start.

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    In regards to the 70 year olds case this just shows that you can not trust the BGs to do what all the anti gun people say and give them what they want and they will be on their way. Had he been armed and killed or wounded these men nobody would know what horrible degrading acts these guys were capable of and planned on doing to this man. Just another reason I feel they have already perpetrated a crime so there is no trust or guarantee of a civil outcome, so act with force and escape asap. 4 guys againts 1, I feel would cover self defense but not knowing what was going to happen would everyone else agree?

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