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Followed Home After Bar Altercation

This is a discussion on Followed Home After Bar Altercation within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How about avoiding bar to start with. If you going to frequent bars then keep your mouth shut to strangers....

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Thread: Followed Home After Bar Altercation

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    How about avoiding bar to start with. If you going to frequent bars then keep your mouth shut to strangers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMac View Post
    Really? It's cool if you're a teetotaler, but let's not exaggerate. I know "bars" have a bad rap, but let's get real. I travel globally. I have been in pubs, bars, roadhouses, clubs, juke joints, boozers, blind pigs, taverns, brewpubs, gin shops, casinos, wine bars, and numerous other places.

    The bartender at my local pub has a college degree, and the owner is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. English pubs can be great fun. The Turf Tavern in Oxford is mostly faculty and staff from the local Oxford colleges. I had a scintillating conversation over beers there one day.

    I enjoy heading out to the bar for a drink (unarmed), and I have rarely experienced the people you cite. You must only know about the seedy places.
    Exactly, Life can be fun if your willing to live a little...
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    Never lead them back to your home. Go to a police station and better yet be on the phone with LEO dispatch while enroute. Not the time to get out and be a tough guy because "now you're on my property."

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    Well first of all stay clear of trouble, second of all never head to the house because now they know where you live and may retaliate on a much greater scale that will cost you in the end. Either head back into the bar and ask they call LEO or head to Fire, LEO, or a busy area with a lot people while you make the call.

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    Nobody would follow me home if I knew they were following me.

    If they were causing problems on the road like your scenario, I'd call the cops. No worries here, I don't drink so bar or no bar isn't an issue. In Minnesota I can carry at a bar, so I would be.

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    How far out in the country do you want to go? I drive these roads everyday they don't and canal roads are pretty tricky especially at night. Their vehicle especially if they have been drinking will end up in it at some point i'm guessing.
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    I would caution against the BB gun Bluff posted by adric22!?! This is a true story.

    A member of my extended family, was in he's car at a stop sign, when some hoodlums began to circle his car, demanding that he exit the vehicle. He foolishly grabbed he's pistol, and displayed it (not pointing it) at the bad guys. It was his way of telling them don't F_ _ _ with me!! Long story short, the bad guys called the cops to report the incident. The family member was arrested at he's home and charged with "unlawfuly displaying a firearm" The bad guys took down he's licence plate. Lucky for him, the bad guys had a rap sheet longer than his arm, and the cop's arrested my family member without actually witnessing the act. The charges were dropped, since the bad guy didn't show up to court as a witness, and the law in Florida calls for a LEO to witness the act and not serve an arrest warrant on here say evidence. He still sat in jail for most of the day, had to hire a lawyer, pay his fee's and all the other unsavory things that go along with being arrrested. The moral of the story, keep your gun's in your holster, move away from confrontation whenever possible, until you're in "immidiate" danger, then draw your gun to defend yourself. In this case the family member over reacted to the situation, and was not thinking right. He was able to keep his CCP. The bad guy, well it didn't cost him a dime to put the family member through this ordeal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sureshot1 View Post
    Hope you weren't in the bar armed !! If it was me, ( I am 72 ) and there were 3 drunks following me shouting threats, I know that in my mind I would think that they had every intent to do me bodily harm, therefore because I don't just carry for the fun of it, I would display my weapon, maybe depending on the location fire 1 shot in the ground, never pointing the pistol at them, then tell them to get lost or let the games begin. At 72 I'm to old for kind of crap. PS. This has happened once to me, lucky for the duffes, he got out of dodge, and I never heard any more about it. Note back then I didn't have a CC permit, and lived in WIsconsin.
    Why should someone go unarmed into the bar? If I go into a bar, I want to know I got a firearm to protect myself.

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    Well I guess you got a majority opinion on the correct response. I once did a naughty on another driver (cut in front of him as I made a turn about 2 miles from my house). As I looked in rear view mirror, I noticed he was behind me and, after making several turns thru my neighborhood, it became evident that he was following me. I then proceeded out of development and headed to police station (someone does not know where the police station is?). By the time I was about 2 miles from station he turned somewhere and was gone. I drove around a while and then, looking carefully for his car, I went home. Kept it in mind for several days and that was it. Good advice in replies: If sense of danger, call 911. Do not go home. Go to police station.
    I do have a footnote to my comments. What is it that many of my forum members do or frequent that cause them to indicate a high incidence of altercations, difficult situations etal? Always reminds me of the Plaxico Burris comback after he shot himself in leg--when he told police that he carried a gun to protect himself where he was going, the response was "maybe you should not go there". Maybe you should not be going to bars where you may have an altercation--it can be avoided, which would or should have been priority one. Maybe I have lived a blessed life--70 years old, no altercations, no difficult situations, no need for a firearm etc etc .I just have trouble appreciating all these so-called true stories involving altercations, danger, condition red or one or whatever you call it.

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    As for the scenario itself, I can totally see this happening. Maybe not an altercation at a bar, because I don't go to them, but I live about 4 blocks from a bar. I could totally see someone pulling out of the bar, drunk and the possibility of me either accidentally cutting them off, or them at least believing that I had wronged them in some way. By the time they had time to load their buddies up in the car, outside the bar, they would have seen my direction, and very easily would have tracked me home before I had even known that I was being followed.

    If they were to jump out of their vehicle(s), and come toward me, I would draw on them. I don't want them to ever come back to my home to seek revenge, and I would put a stop to it right then.

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    Good reason I don't go to bars...
    If you are armed and it's a bar (say in Red Lobster) and you didn't drink anything other than soda/tea/water, you might be ok, if you had to shoot them, if you were getting beat to heck. This happened in Knoxville I believe once, but the guy was protecting the woman too.
    Of course, being at a bar, you may already have a tainted shooting and court system will not look favorable on you case (ex: you may be charged with manslaughter, if they were unarmed- hand to hand is vastly different than gun to hand).

    A scenario like this is a good reason to also carry pepper spray (I would recommend the 15 or 20% bear repellant that would knock them down). Get a stun gun (electricity tends to frighten even big guys and might save you from court).
    Keep a big can of wasp & hornet spray in your car near the seat you can access quickly (it's got a ton of stuff in there that will blind them until they go to the hospital for the antidote and accurate to 15+feet).

    You really have to anticipate everything like this happening. When working security, we would constantly run scenarios through our minds, discuss it and how we would react, etc. If you had saw it coming, it could probably have been avoided by exiting through the kitchen with discreet word to management to call the cops.

    Whomever mentioned driving to the police stations? In our rural areas, there are NO COPS THERE (on patrol) unless they are doing paperwork at night...just the dispatcher. You can get inside a little cube entrance where there is a buzzer to talk and they would have to open about three doors just to get to you!!! You will not get in without a battering ram or some explosives!!! Better get to a fire department for help (at least if you yell help there might be a shift of 4+ big guys/girls that could whip them off until you're safe.
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    Here, you can carry in bars, restaurants that serve alcohol, etc.... unless they are posted by the owner. There have been zero incidents involving CC permit holders. Law-abiding citizens seem to use good judgment despite all of the stupid arguments (even in here ) to the contrary.

    Someone can follow you home, no matter where you go, it's a typical tactic of some criminals.... to then rob you , rob you at your home , etc.... and it's never pretty because typically, they are willing to kill you to get what they want. There have been incidents of it here, and unarmed citizens getting raped, killed, etc.

    You deal with any threat to your life, like you would deal with any threat to your life. It doesn't matter where you are, where you were, or what you've been doing. The circumstances that it arose are all purely irrelevant unless you initiated it.

    It also doesn't matter whether the person endangering your life is drunk, smoked cocaine, is high on meth, or any other substance of their choice.
    I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. --- Will Rogers ---
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    Originally Posted by smolck
    Even if it is legal in your state, why would anyone go to a bar armed? You can't drink, and you will only be surrounded by idiots looking for trouble. Seems like your scenario is 100% avoidable, don't go.

    Sort of how I know I won't be eaten by a shark, I keep my white hiney out the ocean!
    Quote Originally Posted by INccwchris View Post
    In Indiana it is legal to drink and be armed as long as you do not exceed .08 BAC
    Thanks to over reaching by LEO and a prosecutor; in Missouri I could be armed and falling down drunk and as long as I didn't do anything stupid with the gun not be in violation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    I do have a footnote to my comments. What is it that many of my forum members do or frequent that cause them to indicate a high incidence of altercations, difficult situations etal?
    As EagleKS said, this kind of thing can just happen. I used to make a 3 hour trek between Richmond, VA and my home on Monday mornings and Friday nights. One Friday evening, while looking to make a McDonald's pit stop, I turned the wrong way after exiting the highway. Unfortunately, it put me on a dark, secluded road in rural NC and some drunks in their big bubba truck decided to have some fun trying to antagonize me on the road by first tail gating. When I didn't react (i.e. escalate), thankfully they illegally passed me and went on their way. I am just glad they didn't try anything like throwing beer bottles at me. It was one of the experiences that caused me to decide to get my permit. Had they done something like run me off the road, I would have been up the creek against multiple drunks.

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    Well, I guess you couldn't call for help as maybe you were S-Faced too? Depending on the area I would try and ditch them without driving like a drunk guy with a gun. If it continued to escalate you may well have to take your chances and call the Calvary and just pray they don't arrest you in the process.

    Personally, I gave up the bar scene decades ago, but rest assured I was a subject matter expert. I certainly don’t miss those class-5 headaches and hugging the toilet.
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