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Premeditated murder or Self-Defense?

This is a discussion on Premeditated murder or Self-Defense? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by paramedic70002 Of course the Gold Standard here is call the LEOs. IF you choose to go with a riskier alternative plan, at ...

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Thread: Premeditated murder or Self-Defense?

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    Quote Originally Posted by paramedic70002 View Post
    Of course the Gold Standard here is call the LEOs.

    IF you choose to go with a riskier alternative plan, at least go when he is assumed to not be home. And bring lots of surly friends.

    Once I was listening to G Gordon Liddy on the radio. Someone called asking advice on what to do about a person who was harassing and threatening his father.

    His advise was awesome. Illegal and fraught with trouble but awesome, and more correct for a different era. "You and your 3 brothers go to this guy's house. Tell him that if doesn't leave Dad alone, you will beat him to within an inch of his life. If he doesn't stop, go beat him to within an inch of his life."

    Several years ago a friend of mine went to pick up his kids from his ex's house. Ex's husband was in a foul mood and became argumentative. During his tirade he shoved one of Rob's daughters to the floor. Rob swung one punch to the head, which rendered said Slimeball unconscious. Rob took off and EMS was called. Slimeball woke up in ICU and ended up being diagnosed with a minor brain bleed not requiring surgery and was discharged home a couple days later.

    Rob went straight home and prepared to get a visit from Johnny Law. When Slimeball woke up, Ex asked him if he was going to press charges. He declined, figuring he got what he deserved. Smart fella. Rob's nickname is now One Punch.
    He is of course a convicted felon, whose crimes caused our nation a huge amount of difficulty. No hero in him; just another BG with a big mouth. Don't take his advice for anything.

    There are several ex cons/felons floating around in radio and TV land. Why the advertisers put up with that, and why anyone gives them credibility is beyond my understanding.
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    This plays in two different ways for me. one would be

    1. Call several buddies to go with me, something happens over whelming numbers counts.
    2. Call the cops (Not a big idea of mine but, they can meet you there or more then likely in my area show up after the fact)

    Ive read this line a few different places and even read it here once of twice.

    When secounds count the police are minutes away. it really does make sense but sometime minutes is what you need to clear your head (to cool down from seeing your sister beat) and give you time to properly react.

    Thinking things through is always better then rushing in sometimes, Just not as controlled at all times.
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    The question you have to ask is, "how would a jury see your actions?" In other words, would a jury see your taking a gun into this situation a sign that you expected trouble and expected to need it? The common citizen is expected to not go into such places. Even as someone who carries, on a jury my personal bias would be towards 'he took a gun expecting trouble'. Other, completely valid, ways to handle this situation have been spelled out in this thread.

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    If you are to go armed and there is no other way to go! One needs to think if it ends badly just how is it going to look in court. There is no emergency call the local LE.

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    Very different scenario but related.
    Local father of a 16yo rape victim went to the perverts house with a gun. When the guy opens the door dad barges in but never fires a shot or even points the gun at anyone. The pervert shoots and kills dad.

    Pervert goes to jail for rape, but the killing is deemed justified self-defense.

    Another thing to think about as husbands/fathers in this situation. The daughter he was trying to protect is now fatherless, and her mother widowed. In trying to protect his daughter, he made a horrible situation much worse.

    I'm sure most states like here in Ohio require that the person claiming self-defense did not escalate the situation. In the OPs scenario going to the apartment was definitely an escalation.

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    Murder or rather voluntary manslaughter.

    She's at your house...she's safe your safe...the property in question can be replaced. Not a good idea to go with.

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