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This is a discussion on Screaming neighbors within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by archer51 Pull the ear defenders out of the shooting bag and go about my business. Hey SIXTO, half of those post don't ...

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Thread: Screaming neighbors

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer51 View Post
    Pull the ear defenders out of the shooting bag and go about my business.

    Hey SIXTO, half of those post don't count. After all saying a thread is closed isn't really a post!

    made me chuckle on that one...

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    When people are doing stupid stuff like that in my neighborhood, (very rarely I might add, in the past it has been at one of two rent houses) I usually make it a point to find something to do outside where they can see me and when they start acting like fools, I look at them like they are fools. This usually gets the message across to them that they need to tone it down or move inside or along with their nonsense.

    We have lived in our home for almost 20 years, I don't have time to be annoyed by people who won't be there in a couple of months. If the house becomes a real nuisance, I will simply call the owner and tell them their renter is being disruptive regardless of the time of day/night it is happening. A couple of calls at 2 or 3 in the morning usually ends up with a better renter in the near future. Luckily it has been 5 or 6 years since I have had to make any of those calls.
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    I thought I'd bring this one back to life. A couple weeks ago, so months later, my wife was out of town on business and I was crawling into bed at about 1:30 am, and my dogs went nuts. My MBR is upstairs and at the front of the house, so I checked out the window to see what was going on, and realize there's a bunch of screaming coming from the same house as I mentioned before. This time the screaming is coming from inside, where there are a couple lights on and I can see the window blinds moving in the MBR of that house.

    I checked my doors and locks, glock in hand, and actually was able to hear a lot of the screaming from inside my house with the windows open slightly. I holstered and listened for a minute, until I heard a male voice threatening to "destroy" the female voice. Just like before, there was no indication that "dad" was home, so I contacted the PD.

    Obviously a potential domestic disturbance is rarely overlooked by PD, but the fact that the girl involved is a minor, and that I live about a mile from the main police precinct for my city made the response pretty quick. 3 squad cars showed up pretty quickly. One officer started pounding on the front door, one listened at the MBR window, and the third held back a bit, keeping an eye on the other two. When the noisy kids realized the police were knocking, they turned off the lights and pretended not to be home.

    The officers were pretty insistent that the kids came outside, and when they finally did, they were interviewed for a few minutes before the police informed the male that he should get lost. He left once on a bicycle, and came back, left it, and walked off into the night.

    The incident was finally resolved at about 3 am, which made me glad my wife wasn't home, because she would have added to the craziness, at least on my end.

    So there goes my miniscule follow up to a terrible story from five months ago.

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    Would your wife have made you go over to see if you could do something? How would she have added to the craziness?

    In a situation that could become dicey the husband (or wife) needs to stand his (or her) ground and do what he (or she) knows is the right thing in a volatile situation. Getting involved in a domestic dispute is something to steer clear of, they are the most emotion filled, dangerous situations.
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    an operator of a bicycle can be detained and charged with OWI
    Operating Without Intelligents

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