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Swinging Baseball Bat at You = Deadly Force Threat?

This is a discussion on Swinging Baseball Bat at You = Deadly Force Threat? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Doubledown I agree, of course back to the original scenario where you are in a car and the guy starts bashing windows ...

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Thread: Swinging Baseball Bat at You = Deadly Force Threat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doubledown View Post
    I agree, of course back to the original scenario where you are in a car and the guy starts bashing windows to get to you. I believe this would give you the time needed to draw a gun and engage, unless he comes from behind unseen. In that case you don't know he is there until the window next to your head shatters all over you. Possible to scramble to the other seat, but I would still be buckled into the seat assuming I am waiting for my wife to run in and out. Then I screwed again, gun at 4:00 seated and strapped in basher winding up for the home run shot.
    This might be one of the few scenarios where an LCP or similar on a left ankle would work. OR wearing something in a cross draw holster left side. Or carrying in a "car jacker" style holster.

    Anyone know if good old fashioned throwing darts can still be purchased anywhere and if they are classified as prohibited weapons?
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    Many years ago I actually saw somebody get hit in the backside/side of the head with a baseball bat. Given the fact it was not a full contact the guy who got hit dropped like a bag of rocks. I will never forget the look in the guy who swung it eyes. It was a "oh shoot I just killed this guy." He was scaried.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3D View Post
    What would you do If this happened to you ...... and you were armed?

    Read more: Cumberlink.com: Man attacked, chased by man with baseball bat in Carlisle

    Would I be the only one access my sidearm?
    I went back and reread the OP. It seems to me that I as the passenger have three options, given my age and physical condition.

    1. Stay in the car and hope he gets tired and departs before he starts beating on me.

    2. Exit the car and engage him in the open where he can get a good swing at me.

    3. Engage him from within the car where all he can really do is thrust the bat at me.

    Personally I'd choose 3. It seems to be the safest option.


    P.S. I have never been attacked by someone wielding a bat, but if I was this is what I would try to do. I would do everything possible to protect my head and neck while trying to create space and time to access my weapon. I would gladly sacrifice a couple of ribs before I would take a head shot. Generally I would say circle away from the direction where the swing is coming from and stay on your feet no matter what. If that means sacrificing a limb, so be it. You can take a pretty solid blow to an arm if it is done correctly and it is possible to cover your head and neck area with your upper arm, lower arm, and shoulder which is much tougher than your lower arm alone.

    If it takes you 2 seconds to effect your draw that means you be able to inflict significant damage on this guy in 3 or 4 seconds. Keep moving and if you did your job he'll run out of gas soon.

    Not to get into specific techniques but this would be a serious fight and you might not come out unscathed if you didn't see it coming in time.

    Remember, you are the good guy. Never give up. Always find a way to win.

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