The greatest "training" begins between the ears. This goes for lawmakers, citizens, LEO's and everyone inbetween.

Regardless of state law....

I'm in my house with my wife and children and I hear my car being broken into/stolen. No direct viable threat to me or mine.

Would I step outside without a gun to stop said crime? No.
Would I step out with a gun and perhaps be forced to shoot someone over my car? No.

Why wouldn't I use deadly force to stop the theft of my property (even if the law clearly states I can)?

1. BG/BG's could have gun/guns. Not worth dying over car or other property.
2. Too many circumstances could still end you up in prison. Wrong judge on wrong day, lawyers fighting for criminal rights, screwed up system and so on.
3. I have insurance. Call 911 and let them do what they are paid to do.

The use of deadly force with my weapon is to prevent death or serious bodily harm of myself and my immediate loved ones. Period. Deadly force is not to prevent the loss or theft of material items.

A car jacking or home invasion must he seen as intent to do bodily harm and met with enough force to stop said threat. Someone digging through your shed gets a call to 911.

Your best weapon = Common Sense.