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This is a discussion on Trouble at Best Buy within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Naturally my first priority is protecting my family and myself. I'd do what it takes to save my family, including begging. Being armed, I would ...

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Thread: Trouble at Best Buy

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    Naturally my first priority is protecting my family and myself. I'd do what it takes to save my family, including begging. Being armed, I would be trying to size up the situation, environment, back drop, odds, etc. Most stores have isle type layouts that limit your available cover / concealment. I would assume the BG's are there solely to steal money and get out before the police arrive. If my family / other people were in my direction, the last thing I would want to do is draw fire from the BG'S. I wouldn't want to be responsible for escalating a robbery into a shoot out. Personally, I believe I would have to be convinced without a doubt that death / serious injury were imminent. It's one of those scenarios where good judgment can go bad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 21bubba View Post
    Did you miss the part "if at all possible"? What are you going to do when you're "personally threatened"? Anything you do is going to be a reaction which puts you behind.
    Please read my previous post. I explained some very real personal concerns that affect what actions I take.

    Thanks for helping me think things through a little more thoroughly.

    I use these scenarios to help me pre-plan responses for given situations. Any actual situation will be fluid in nature, so my pre-planned responses have to be flexible and simple to employ. This is one of the biggest lessons I took away from a personal defense class almost 30 years ago. Pre-plan, practice, and evolve. In other words, use your head, maintain your skill set, and remain flexible in both thinking and skills.

    My job is to keep my family safe, NOT play mall ninja. I'm going to do whatever it takes to come out of this situation alive with my Family intact. I am physically unable to run so any action I take is going to be as ruthless and expedient as possible. I have no other choice than to end any violent encounter quickly and efficiently. HOW I do that or IF that action is even necessary depends on the actual encounter.
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    As long as they are taking the money and leaving, let the leo's deal with it, hopefullly that is all they want, if they want more. I carry my gun to protect me and my famlily, I would hope all the training, double tapping, and engaging more than one target would kick in, when the first set of double taps sounds off would already be focusiing on bg 2 n hoping he has no idea whats happening untill he feels the second set of double taps, at this point any shot on the bg is a good shot, back of the head,center mass, whatever it takes, n have one extra bullet to boot.....
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    Very scary situation indeed. If they are looking to get out with the money and nothing more it would be best to let them do so. If it goes beyond that and the situation escalates, i.e, gathering people up or looking to shoot/harm someone then your choice has been made for you. No harm shall come to the innocent.

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    start shooting so I can see if this hornady zombie ammo is any good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eaglebeak View Post
    Play scared "wimp-daddy" and continue hiding behind your son to remove you and your family as a potential threat to the BG since his primary interest is most likely going to be getting the money and high-tailing it out of the store without incident. Should he begin to raise or point his weapon toward you, simultaniously push your son out of the way while drawing your S&W, and start unloading on him while quickly moving away from your family.
    I agree with everything except the part about hiding behind my son. I am not going to hide behind my children, they will be pushed behind me.

    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post
    Let them take the money and run; do not provoke...look for exits. Can I get to my phone? Dial 911. Stay down...cover my child...get them under one of the displays. Be prepared to act...hating the fact I brought a snubbie and not my hi-capacity semi-auto that I usually carry. Be prepared to act should they start herding people to another location....if that happens, be prepared to fight like your family's lives depend on it.
    I agree wit this completely. Let them have the money, it isn't mine and Best Buy isn't going to miss it.
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