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This is a discussion on Choked from behind within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Hopyard The naked choke from the rear referred to in the initial post, and commented on by Glockman later, doesn't really work ...

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Thread: Choked from behind

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopyard View Post
    The naked choke from the rear referred to in the initial post, and commented on by Glockman later, doesn't really
    work by attacking the trachea. Take a look at the video Lima put up. Great explanation/demo of it.

    If you want to attack the trachea from the back, jam a screwdriver in it, or thwack & crush it with a hard object in your hand. Or watch some old WWII movies where the boys just slipped up on the sentry and slit his throat. (I once met a Korean war vet who was quite proud of his abilities in this particular form of combat. Or, he was a liar. I was only about 14 then so I could not really tell. He claimed about 10 lives.)

    The naked choke using the forearm, applied appropriately with the palm of the left hand (assuming a lefty) on the back of the head, there's not much to be done about it; again per Glockman's comment; especially if they throw hips into it too.

    There was a great news story a couple of years back. Someone on a flight was causing lots of trouble and tried to
    grab the stewardess' wrists. She broke the hold on her wrists, maybe slammed him forward with some sort of arm bar, jumped up on the arm of a seat, dropped in back of the fool, and choked him out. He picked the wrong victim. She was into this stuff and quite proficient.
    My point was a rear vascular choke isn't to get the trachea. Yes, I agree, more effective ways to damage that.
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    my uncle did this to me at sams club about a month before i got my permit he only held it for a sec or two but it was long enuff for me to pull my kershaw leek. glad he let go or he would of had a ouchie, but the thought of it being a "buddy" never crossed my mind, just animal instincts of somebody is touching me and shouldn't be

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopyard View Post
    Maybe we are not quite on the same page. Someone is using forearms to apply the naked choke from the rear. They have grasped their biceps and placed their palm on the back of your head--- in short, applied the deadly form of the attack.

    Somehow you manage to get a knife from the center front belt as described by Lima and cut them (doesn't matter where for our purposes) so that they loosen up and let you
    escape the choke.

    My question is, in the moment that the hands (forearm) comes off the neck is it best to finish the job with the knife or to try to back away, switch from knife to gun, to finish the job? I'm thinking that if your attacker hasn't chosen to run off the instant
    you got free the knife in the hand is a faster finishing tool than trying to switch to the gun.

    What I'm asking is whether you think it makes sense to try to change to the gun or not. (I know it all depends on lots of stuff but I'm asking about the timing and opportunity.)
    That last sentence is the most important... how to respond after someone has changed their original attack is so subjective to them and what is now going on.

    First, I'm not going to stay in a fight if I don't have to. If he has let me go to the point where I feel I can get away I'm going to run like the dickens!!

    I'm also not going to put away or lose a weapon I have in hand for something else. I already have a knife out, taking time to put that away and draw a gun might be time I don't have. I MIGHT transfer it to weak hand (if I drew it strong hand to begin with) and draw a firearm in addition to the knife but that is also going to take a lot of time and opportunity I might not have.

    If he let me go and is running I'm going to be running too.. in the opposite direction. If he let me go only briefly and is immediately attacking again I might not have time or the opportunity to get to another defensive tool and have no other choice but to continue fighting with a knife. In which case I'm going to continue working disabling and blood cuts until one of us is dead or he decides I'm not worth the blood loss.

    If I get enough distance or control to draw a gun but can't get away I might bring it into the fight but that really does depend on what is going on.

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