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Had to Draw on Someone Last Night

This is a discussion on Had to Draw on Someone Last Night within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'll bet his bicycle seat was a lot more comfortable on the ride home with the extra padding he induced into his underwear. Guess that ...

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Thread: Had to Draw on Someone Last Night

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    I'll bet his bicycle seat was a lot more comfortable on the ride home with the extra padding he induced into his underwear.

    Guess that gives a whole new meaning to the "gellin' like a felon" phrase

    Glad everything worked out well for you and you didn't make the 6 O'clock news in either way.

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    Very good to get out of that situation.

    You called the police correct?
    Its not about guns...Its about Freedom!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccman View Post
    You should report it incase he got your plate and said you pulled a firearm on him. Glad it worked out for you.
    I second this, would hate to see this turn into a "who's story was told first" situation. But I love the fact that you SA was high enough to not sit there like a deer in headlights while he came right up to you and presented his own weapon.

    Nicely done.

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    So, I'm gonna play devil's advocate here... (I do so love to argue)

    1. You see BIG BG approaching on bike

    2. You confirmed the door locked, you moved the window up to a "safe" height.

    3. The Badguy is walking along side your moving vehicle with a bike between his legs (which is uncomfortable, and slow, and awkward, BTW. And hence, a bit hard to be "aggressively" doing much of anything).

    4. He is reaching for your door handle, which you know, because the door is locked, will be ineffectual.

    5. And while still reversing, you draw your weapon and have to verbalize (in command voice) to get away from your car.

    6. After BG freezes at the sight of your hand cannon, you continue reversing (at greater speed) and turn around and leave the vicinity.

    Okay, so you're reversing at nearly the first sign of real trouble...good. You're not moving fast, and you have to check your rearview for other cars, etc. Not so good... division of attention...between your backing and the BG. Now, you are throwing a gun into the mix... more division of attention... More not so good.

    Gun has desired effect... stops BG. Allows you to continue backing at greater speed, two hands on the wheel? Make a u turn and didi.

    Gal, this had a great outcome... But the gun was probably as much of a hindrance as it was the effective tool to end the situation...

    You're in a car... Dipstick has his bike tween his legs and his feets on the ground... Back up quickly. Uturn... get out of dodge... You are sitting in a 1.5 ton bullet. Forget the .3 -.4 ounces of bullet in the .40.

    If he's really quick and goes into pursuit... he'd never catch you.... OTOH, if you let him think he can.... slowly catching up, let him get real close, and stop. Then drive on and report a hit and run...

    Gun was unnecessary. But that's okay, I like it when brandishing does the trick...
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    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    Good for you. Thank God this wasn't the outcome of your encounter.

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    I too am glad all worked out but I would highly recommend reporting the event. Imagine it another way. A guy on bike is hurt and tries to get help in desperation. As he approaches a car a woman pulls a gun. He is scared and calls police. Now everything is very different.
    Do not let this situation turn the table on you.
    It's not a problem til they make it one!

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    The .40 pistol turns the 5'3' , 120lb women into a 230 lb gorilla.....the Equalizer. Perfect reason ALLLLLLLL women should be armed. There was absolutely no reason for this guy to do what he did unless his intentions were very, very bad, and you handled it beautifully.

    I'm sure that being the proper lady you really didn't say "Get the XXXX away from my car". Yeah, right.
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    I got a problem with anybody that feels justified enough to pull a gun in Self Defense against a perceived threat,but doesn't follow up with a call to the Police Department,if that was the case I would want him to be stopped and checked out before he could possibly attack an unarmed victim.
    You just stated you pulled a gun on an individual and then just left,all he has to do is call the Cops and give them your plate number and say I was riding my bike down the street and this crazy lady pulled a gun on me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oakchas View Post
    So, I'm gonna play devil's advocate here... (I do so love to argue)

    You're in a car... Dipstick has his bike tween his legs and his feets on the ground... Back up quickly. Uturn... get out of dodge... You are sitting in a 1.5 ton bullet. Forget the .3 -.4 ounces of bullet in the .40.
    I have to play devil's advocate just a bit as well. Granted, everything sounds highly suspicious and my gut feeling would probably be telling me something was not right. However, there isn't a whole lot of proof that he was up to no good. The fact that he was still on his bicycle is the part that suggests to me there might be more to the story than we know. For example, what if there was some legitimate emergency and he was out trying to find somebody to call 911 for him and the bicycle was his only means of transport? I'm just saying there are possible legitimate reasons for what he did, albeit unlikely reasons.

    If I were in the same situation I would also have gun in hand, maybe slightly out of view. But I might have waited slightly longer to see what he had to say. I think if I already had the gun in my hand and he didn't have a visible weapon, I'd feel like I had the upper hand if he tried to start something.

    On a side note.. A year ago some teenagers tried to open the door of my wife's Prius while she was stopped at a light during broad daylight with plenty of other cars around. Most likely they were just playing around, but it really scared her and that was the reason she eventually got her CHL. Fortunately for her, all of her doors were locked and they just ran off after pulling the door handles.
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    Hey Brunette,
    I'm glad you got out of there without having to fire your weapon. Fair warning - most folks here will want to analyze every little detail of this situation and then play it out from all possible angles. Our goal is to learn something from your real-life scenario and run through lots of what-ifs, so don't take it personally when people start picking at your story and actions.

    As I said, I'm glad you got out of there with no one getting hurt. It's easy to be a Monday morning quarterback here, but as someone else has said, while the guy on the bike appeared to have bad intentions (who tries to open someone else's door to ask for help when the window is already cracked?), it might have been a (legally) safer bet to have your weapon handy but not brandish it yet. Continue to reverse and make an exit, and if he suddenly threatens your life, you could bring your weapon into view and fire if for some reason you could not get away quickly enough in your vehicle.

    I also encourage you to report this incident to the police to protect yourself from false allegations. Great post, and thanks for sharing. I'm now thinking about what I would do in a similar situation, and that's what this forum is all about. Welcome!
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    Perhaps he was calling out to you to let you know you forgot to secure your gas cap. You pulled a gun on him.


    Yours seems to be a strange after-action perspective. I would still be shaking. There is no mention of you calling the police to report the incident, and you had a big laugh about the guy perhaps losing control of his bowels. Hmmmmmm....

    Seems somewhat affected.

    You also said you would avoid the area in the future in case he had buddies and someone got a plate number. You think a guy who nearly gets shot wants to try it again? If he was just some stupid schmuck trying to jack you and/or your car, I doubt he's thinking, "Gee, let's go out here to this corner again every night the next two weeks and see if we can find that crazy chick with the pistol!"

    Something isn't passing the smell test. Of course, this is the intertubez. Anyone can post anything.

    There was an amateur pistolero here a year ago or so who told us all the story how he yanked out his Roscoe and stuck it in the face of some local hobo who brushed past his car. He was parked outside a bank, downtown in the middle of the day, and defended his actions saying the guy *could* have attempted to get in his car, and *could* have been armed.

    Interesting that he, too, had a big laugh about the guy soiling his pants. He also made a point about citing the man's race.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccman View Post
    You should report it incase he got your plate and said you pulled a firearm on him. Glad it worked out for you.
    No way he is smart enough, or had forethought enough to get or remember the plate #. Criminals look for an easy target, rarely do they look for revenge.

    Playing armchair QB, no real reason to pull the gun IMO. You had time to roll up the window and lock your doors. With nobody behind you, I'd have simply driven off. UNLESS the guy had a weapon of some kind. You could have got tagged for brandishing. And while I don't think what you did was all that bad, it could have gotten you in trouble.

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    I don't know... He was probably gonna ask you to be in his rap video and you went and blew your one chance at stardom
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    I think you did a fantastic job. All I can say is, well done.
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