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Drawing once you're in the BG's crosshairs?

This is a discussion on Drawing once you're in the BG's crosshairs? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Suntzu, it seems that we are at a crossroad. I have my opinion on this scenario and you do to. Im going to leave it ...

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Thread: Drawing once you're in the BG's crosshairs?

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    Suntzu, it seems that we are at a crossroad. I have my opinion on this scenario and you do to. Im going to leave it at that.

    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

    And Shepards we shall be, for Thee, my Lord, for Thee,
    Power hath descended forth from Thy hand, So that our feet may swiftly carry out thy command,
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    You are right, I should adhere strictly to the TOS.... Oh, I saw this in the TOS:
    Creative workarounds (the use of special characters to replace some letters) on language are not allowed. Violators of this rule will be warned once;

    Now, to answer to you: i am not is any kinda contest with anyone sir, it appears you are with me. The gentleman asked me a question in a post. I replied. And next time I will ask not have a post of mine taken out of context. You sir, are the only one that seems to have an issue with me. I have my opinions, I stated them. You replied back that you do not seem to share them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Harryball View Post
    Once again, you are having an issue with a public forum...Others have an opinion, whether or not you agree with it or not. You have chosen your path in what you would do in this scenario, I have mine. To come out a tell people to troll on by and tell them not to take sentences out of your posts because you do not like it, is very immature. Almost childish. Instead of trying to have a ******* contest with everyone, why dont you add something more concrete to your opinion.

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    As the OP, I want to say thanks to everyone who contributed. I think my question's been answered and I have a lot to think about. I think any further debates can be continued in a new thread.

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    Another superb trainer that I highly recommend is Randy Cain, Cumberland Tactics. Randy is a true Southern gentleman, no ego and a great instructor. IIRC he's former LE. I took his Tactical Handgun 101 with him a few years ago. I've also taken two similar courses by Gabe Suarez. Very different personalities and both very effective trainers.

    I would recommend Tactical Handgun 101 first and follow it up with Close Quarters Tactics.

    ETA: Sorry, I forgot the link http://www.guntactics.com/index.htm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n View Post
    In that situation where they are essentially in your face and basically at contact distance, you have a couple options.

    1) Is to comply and hope for the best. (personally, I hate being at the mercy of a bad guy with a gun in my face. I'm not going to stand there, hand over my stuff and then be at the mercy of his whim and whimsy. Which is why I train extensively for option #2).

    2) If you are going to draw against someone who is holding a gun on you, the odds are much better if he is standing up close at contact distance, than if he is holding the gun on you standing several feet away. But you are going to have to go hands on as you draw and shoot.

    First you want to move to the side in an explosive and surprise action (which side you move to depends on whether or not you are right or left handed, and which hand the gunman is holding his gun). You don't want to be standing in the same place where he initiated his confrontation.

    Second, with your non-gun hand, you are going to want to deflect his gun to the outside of your body, or depending on the the way the two of you are positioned, you'll want to pin his gun to his chest.

    Third, you are going to want to draw and empty your gun into his chest as fast as you can pull the trigger.

    Basically, all three actions need to happen simultaneously in one fluid movement. This is something which needs to be trained for extensively and consistently. I'm talking hours at a time, with a partner, over and over again.

    There is also no substitute for professional training. That can not be overstressed. I used to teach handgun retention and disarming techniques and while they range from the simple to the complex, the key is constant training and practice.

    If you are not fluid and proficient in your technique, it could be totally disastrous to attempt and may be the last act you'll ever perform. Do not underestimate the amount of guts it takes to do that. Once you start, if you hesitate, you'll likely be killed outright.

    If you are not committed to learning how to respond to such situations, I would go for Option #1.

    It is not impossible to draw against someone who has the drop on you. It is not impossible to disarm your attacker. In fact, it happens quite regularly with law enforcement officers who have had proper training. Law enforcement officers are only human. They are no different that you or me. It all comes down to having the proper training, and the proper mindset and guts.
    i would agree with all this but unless someone is trained to do this kind of thing, I think it is a losing proposition.

    having said that though, if the situation is such that if you fight back you might be killed but if you don't fight back you surely will be killed, then my vote is for fighting back any and every way you can to try to save your life or the lives of your loved ones. I don't think I'll ever go down without a fight. If I do, then it's because I was taken out early in the incident and it was by complete surprise.
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