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Thread: Element of surprise

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    Surprise is your friend. Every time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJon10125 View Post
    Yes it would but I would be calling 911, unless my wife kids or any of the other few people on my "list" were in danger.
    This is my answer as well. I'm not interjecting myself into a situation unless my family is in danger. If they aren't, then I'm calling 911 and being the best witness I can be.
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    as a rule action beats re-acton

    unless you are up against ( and how would you know in advance??) someone who is
    hyper reflexive. or a
    twisted psycho who has eliminated 'think' from between 'see and do'
    ...this is a trait that a die hard (sic) ganger has

    and as an aside, a good point was made concerning the 'wild card' that can be in
    what you thought was a clear situation
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    While starting a gun fight in a robbery might not be wisee, if your sure the crackhead is going to kill someone, or has already started to shoot than the element of surprise might give you a slight edge. If he's already started to shoot though, your just going to be his next target when you come around the corner. He might actually shoot you before he even realizes that you have a gun.
    Preferably I would want to peek around the corner and take my shot while he is not facing me. I'll take the shot in the back provided he doesn't have the gun pointed at a victum, unless he's already firing, then I pull the trigger. I know the movies say you have to call out to him, get him to turn and face you. but I'm not giving him a chance to shoot at me.

    "If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck!"

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    Most definitely, the element of surprise is huge. That's one reason I prefer concealed carry to open carry
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    The element of surprise is most always good. As to the question of using it in the OP, thats a choice we all must make and we will have to live with that choice after it is all said and done.

    Action triggers are good things to think about before there is a need to go to action. In a time of stress is not the time to be making that decision. Know in advance if this happens I act so when it does happen you just react, no think involved.
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    Yes, the element of surprise is on your side. Would I take the shot? Not from more than 5 feet... (and there went the element of surprise). But we've been through this before... If you are bent on taking the shot, here's your target:

    If you can hit the MO (Medulla Oblongata), the little thingy in red in the animation, you can drop the guy like a sack o taters... If not, he may shoot others, you, etc.

    BTW, the MO is not visible, it's location is covered by mask, hoodie, hair, etc.. And it is moving with his head... If you're that good with a handgun, why aren't you a ranked pistol champion?
    It could be worse!
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    I think I leave my weapon concealed and let the guy have all of the banks money.....i will still have the element of suprise , especially when he steps around the corner n peeks under the big desk i am under...... if there is no imminent danger n he is not shooting his gun, he can take what he wants n run......
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    Element of surprise
    Do you believe the element of surprise would give you the upper hand in a defensive situation, especially if the perp did not know you were armed?
    That seems basic enough to be a no brainer to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pro2A View Post
    Do you believe the element of surprise would give you the upper hand in a defensive situation, especially if the perp did not know you were armed? For example, lets say there is an armed man in a bank waiving a gun around at customers and employees. You are around the corner and have a clear shot. Even though he is armed, you draw your weapon and come around the corner with your handgun already pointed at him. It would obviously be a surprise to him, thus giving you about a 1/2 a second upper hand in eliminating the threat. By the time he even processes what is going on, you could have fired on him and eliminated the threat.

    Do you think the element of surprise could work in your favor?
    I hope that is meant to be a rhetorical question. But assuming you were actually serious asking that, I prefer to be outgunned and ambushed

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