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2:00 AM Intruder

This is a discussion on 2:00 AM Intruder within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This is a situation in which one must tread lightly, with several factors to take into consideration. So let's get one thing out of the ...

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Thread: 2:00 AM Intruder

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    This is a situation in which one must tread lightly, with several factors to take into consideration. So let's get one thing out of the way first; does your state have the Castle Doctrine? Either way, proceed with caution, but you must still make an intelligent decision as to the threat level.

    What type of physical characteristics does the perp have? Be careful here. Does he have the means to harm you ...AND... does he demonstrate a willingness toward doing so? What's in the bag? Weapons? Have you called 911? Does your house have a safe room?

    You really haven't given us enough information to go on, honestly. As for the insult toward your wife, that might be a tough card to play in court, since insults don't normally constitute a threat in the eyes of the law.

    Now, another factor that must be considered is whether he's a lone intruder or if he has co-conspirators. Any talking caribou on your rooftop? A getaway vehicle? Loot from other burglaries in a sleigh?

    Either way, let's be safe out there.
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    Two 12 gauge blasts to his knee caps, set a water boarding rig, and flood fat boy's sinuses with egg-nog until he hands over the names & addresses to all the naughty girls... duh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlockZombie View Post
    Two 12 gauge blasts to his knee caps, set a water boarding rig, and flood fat boy's sinuses with egg-nog until he hands over the names & addresses to all the naughty girls... duh!
    Wow...I'm actually impressed by this suggestion...
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    Seriously though, if an intruder is rumbling around in my living room and I hear him in my locked bedroom I will call 911, activate my remote car alarm, get my 12g pump, position myself in a planned location, and wait in my bedroom either for the LEOs or for the intruder to try and defeat my locked bedroom door, or leave with whatever insured and replaceable goodies he could gather up. It is just my wife and I (different scenario is kids or others in other parts of house). What he took is insured and replaceable--I am insured but not replaceable and regardless of these arguments about "I worked hard for my "stuff" and nobody is going to steal it", if this intruder is better at this "gun stuff" than you, your argument is not worth a hill of beans when your are lying there dead. He forces his way into my bedroom, he is now in my planned and laid out playpen and I am now in imminent danger and he is not leaving the way he came in. On a lighter note: Hope the intruder in this thread leaves all of you with the best of presents and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Healthy, Happy and SAFE New Year, hoping that all we do is send in threads and replies on this forum and never have to use any of the advice.

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    Hope this intruder isn't caught in a gay man's house...

    "Zed, it's Maynard. Yeah. The spider just caught a couple flies." - Pulp Fiction... ROFL

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    Nice scenario. I was thinking about what I'd do right up to the point I realized it was Santa and then I laughed. Nice one.
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    Next thing out of that bag better be a Wilson Combat, then a Les Baer, than a Dan Wesson, etc., etc., etc.!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PEF View Post
    You are asleep at night, when loud noises from your living room startle you awake. You grab you home defense weapon of choice, and you peek around the corner. There is a man at your Christmas tree, dressed in a heavy coat and big black boots, holding a large bag in one hand, and he has one of your gifts in the other hand. Your wife walks up behind you, keeping her distance. At that point the man notices you and yells a derogatory insult, apparently referring to your wife: "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

    What do you do?
    Bring him several towels. He'll need these after I pull the 2 pit bulls off his legs!
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    I would go outside with some reindeer treats for his "team" and wait for "The Fat Man in The Red Suit" to finish his business.
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    First, I'd pull out my Concealed Carry badge (on a chain under my pajama shirt), draw my gold plated Desert Eagle from my ankle holster (which I sleep in), and yell "Freeze dirt bag! Citizen's arrest!" Then I'd pull out my plastic zip tie cuffs that I always carry on my person 24/7, and slowly approach him. If he moves, I'd blast two in the chest and one in the head, and when he goes flying through the window from the impact, I'll drag his body back into the house just to make sure it's a legal shoot. (I might have to recruit the reindeer to help drag him back in).

    How'd I do?
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    There'd be no way for him to get in (no chimney.) LOL.

    Now, if this did happen and it was a burglar and you had to shoot him, how do you explain THAT to your kids
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