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YOUR WIFE WAS JUST GRABBED; the man has a gun to her head!!

This is a discussion on YOUR WIFE WAS JUST GRABBED; the man has a gun to her head!! within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; We have to keep this family friendly, right? Never mind, I do not want to play then.........

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Thread: YOUR WIFE WAS JUST GRABBED; the man has a gun to her head!!

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    We have to keep this family friendly, right? Never mind, I do not want to play then......
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

    Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means, that you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you......

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    My wifes armed 24/7 6' 200lbs I feel for the perp.
    Mors est libertas


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    To answer your question.

    Last week I see a patrol car following me so I start to speed up, He puts on the lights so I speed up fast and faster and faster. Then 4 other patrol cars box me in so I must stop.

    The orginal officer walks up tot he car and asks " If you saw my lights on why didn't you stop?"

    My wife ran away with her Police officer boyfriend and I thought you were trying to give her back.

    So would I take the shot? Nope, Heck I can always get another wife. J/K dear. I love my Mrs.

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    I pity the fool that grabs my (ex)wife. She's 6'0, 230lbs of pure meanness and UGLY, OH man. He's liable to die of fright. (hehe).

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    Quote Originally Posted by azchevy View Post
    I walk away. A couple hours with her and he will be begging me to take her back.
    I would ask for some cash to take her back..."Ransom of Red Chief"...
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    My wife is pretty short, so unless he's a short guy...drop dead, Fred.
    "Historical examination of the right to bear arms, from English antecedents to the drafting of the Second Amendment, bears proof that the right to bear arms has consistently been, and should still be, construed as an individual right." -- U.S. District Judge Sam Cummings, Re: U.S. vs Emerson (1999)

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYCrulesU View Post
    My actions depend on how nice my wife has been to me and how much the life insurance policy is ;)

    Have I mentioned how little I care for ridiculous scenerios?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MitchellCT View Post
    I need to know how hot, and how much of a "freak" the wife in question is before I respond...

    Does the marriage still have spark?

    I mean, if not...this is a way out...
    This cold medicine is really affecting me. I agree.

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    My wife is 5' 8" and 110 lbs soak and wet, but mean as all hell.

    Think she can handle this all by herself. Shes Sasillian!

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    5'5" redheaded Swedish wife. Seems to enjoy fits of rage occasionally. She starts to smoulder any time she sees a gun, most likely because it is mine, brand new, and unauthorized. I'm not too worried about a fictional bad guy.

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    I would go around to the front of the house and identify myself to the Officers then offer to trade myself for my wife. Since I am really the one he wants anyway. As soon as she is clear then first opportunity that comes along I try to shoot him.
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    You could offer him your car to use as a get away long as he promises not to bring her back!
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    On ridiculous scenarios.

    Consider the flow of a scenario. You can always sub-intend a situation at the earliest point. In a home scenario you assess, layer/protect, drill and run practices. Those who do not (who live in high risk areas) can be at a big disadvantage IF something happens because they get trapped in a kill-box.

    On the road, same thing. Consider what the 'cost' is of doing a particular action. Say you're enjoying the drive. How do you keep some cowboy from destroying or distracting you from that? Do NOT get emotionally involved.

    On the street, do stuff even if it's embarrassing (i.e. guy asking a store clerk or mgr to accompany him to his car if it's dark and scary). Why not? Women do it. What's the cost? Your ego? Listen to your 'fear'. It's not 'unmanly'. Remember we're just bloated sacs of protoplasm and even big tough guys can cry if we stub our toe or our spouse hurts our little kittah feelings.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JoJoGunn View Post
    Too many variables and hostage situations are the worst. If this guy is truly off the edge, he's going to shoot the woman no matter what. Kind of like going out in a blaze of glory. The last thing the Police want to do is escalate the situation to that point, so they may be trying to get the guy to calm down and perhaps listen to reason. They really don't want to create a shoot out.

    Second, shooting someone in very close proximity, ie this guy holding your wife close and having a handgun at her head with his finger on the trigger will result in a few possibilities.

    A: You take the shot, you hit him with the shot of a lifetime, the cops move in and clear the situation.

    B: You miss, you hit your wife.

    C: You miss, he shoots your wife and possibly shoots at you while the cops shoot at him.

    D. You shoot, he shoots, the cops shoot and we have multple injuries or fatalities. Cops may not know who you are, but you are holding a weapon and they could shoot you.No good solution to this but to quickly assess the situation and figure out what will be the lesser of many evils.
    According to the scenario as posted, the bolded part of item D above is the only one of your outcomes that could happen.
    The other possibilty that you did not cover is you make the head shot but he flinches from the impact and shoots your wife.

    I think I would ask him to make my wife admit that I was right about her needing to get her CPL, and never opening the door without knowing who and why they are there. After that he can do what he pleases. Just Kidding!

    I would say legally your could shoot, not to sure it's a good idea however. As far as I know there is no law anywhere that removes a CPL or a homeowners right to self defense/ defense of others "if police are present".

    Edited: Sorry your scenario A could also happen.
    Last edited by TedBeau; December 29th, 2011 at 12:52 PM. Reason: correction

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    What!!!!,you would'nt depend on any one but yourself!

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