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Unarmed and Asking Someone to Disarm

This is a discussion on Unarmed and Asking Someone to Disarm within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Thirty years ago I managed a gas station on the Interstate not far from Columbus Ohio. The station across the street from me as well ...

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Thread: Unarmed and Asking Someone to Disarm

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    Thirty years ago I managed a gas station on the Interstate not far from Columbus Ohio. The station across the street
    from me as well as the one on the other side of the highway were both robbed several times in the year and a half that
    I was there. Company policy was no firearms, I was always armed even though there was no CCW at that time. Self
    preservation has always been a priority with me. In your place I would not be unarmed and I would start searching for
    other employment immediately.

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    Contact OSHA and raise hell. You can remain anonymous.

    Argument is simple:

    [My employer requires me to challenge individuals carrying weapons into the workplace while I'm both unarmed and have not been provided any form of body armor. Nor have I received any training on how to deal with an individual carrying a firearm.

    In lieu of a rash of recent workplace shootings, I do not feel my coworkers or myself have received adequate training or the nessisary tools to perform our duties in a safe manner.]

    The company in question should have to drop their NO CCW policy or they can keep it and give you the correct tools to do your job. Image what OSHA would say if an armored truck company didn't arm their guards, provide body armor, and training.........

    Most people don't realize what havoc an employee can cause on a company when utilizing OSHA correctly.

    This is absolute bull crap that your employer as deemed you to be 'expendable'.

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    Just remember, you get caught there will be consequences. You agreed to their rules when you took the job. Consult a lawyer & look for another job.
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    I don't know what type of building your in or the fine details. I can clearly see you have reservations and legitimate concerns. I'd recommend you request a meeting with your employer and discuss what options there are? they may be open to the idea with additional training. You may even suggest splitting the cost or absorbing the full cost of additional training. Is the security at this building supplied in house or outside agency? I'm sure the employer wont give an answer until they look at the insurance liabilities and ramifications. The least they can do is offer body armor as stated above. If all else fails like the other postings said start looking for employment else where.

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    As far as that specific situation, the best you can do seems to be to jam him up as violently and explosively as possible if he starts to pull a weapon. If you have something you could get into you hand to load it up or strike harder with ahead of time, so much the better. Idea would be to put as much trauma on as possible while you're jamming his access up.

    In the longer run: Everybody has to make their own decision.

    In a larger view: Even if you were armed, if you were as close to him as I think you were based on the description, trying to go for a gun first might not be the best thing to do. This might well be one of those times and situations where a gun is not the best thing to resort to first, even if the other guy is initiating a lethal-force attack.
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    I do appreciate everything that everyone said. info has been good, and i have not only taken the route of other employment, but i explained reported and raised living kell. left that place a mess in fear of my co-workers safety. i am moving to a few states away!
    A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life wrote a blank check Made payable to 'The United States of America ' for an amount of 'up to and including my life.'

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    Jerp, the job you describe has you working for a pack of idiots.

    In the first place, they think posting a sign will prevent the psychos and criminals from invading with a weapon.

    In the second place, they think an unarmed security agent is sufficient to enforce the 'no guns' sign.

    They are idiots.

    In this day and time, I understand one just cannot up and quit a decent paying job. I'd still be looking for a better job - discretely perhaps - but still looking
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    Unarmed security = canon fodder

    Your employer could give a rats ***** about your life.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Harryball View Post
    To be honest, do what you have to do. Just dont tell anyone about it...Get the point...
    Sorry Harry, but I disagree with your answer. This is very bad advice. More bad things will happen with this advice; illegalities, liabilities, lawsuits and on and on. Yes you can argue "what if" so lets not go there.
    There are only 2 real possibilities that make any safe-sense IMO. 1) You quit 2) If you see a violation, you call your supervisor or, with beforehand assurance from your supervisor, you call the police to deal with it

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    allow him to pass and then call the cops to handlle it
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    Did the O/P say this guy "BADGED" in? Was he a Police Officer of some sort? For the most part the police carry under color of state, AND municipal law. Most Officers carry off duty a well as they are still held responsible to their oath, duty status having no bearing.

    Does your company policy include sworn members of law enforcement? There are very few situation's I cant see a corperate policy trumping state, and local law. Maybe in the federal court system, a detention facility, or a defense plant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Secret Spuk View Post
    Did the O/P say this guy "BADGED" in?
    I also am an unarmed Security officer and the office building I work in, each employee has an ID badge (card) that gives them access to the building. Without the badge the only way they can enter is for us to "buzz" them in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jerp View Post
    Ok, so i posted in the general concealed carry forum, but its also a situation scenario. Im a liscensed un-armed security officer, and work for a company. They are posted. I caught a guy today, who "badged-in" and saw a weapon. I walked up and asked him to remove it from the building to comply with company policy. Then i got to thinking, what if it was some crazed physco, or a guy just having a bad day. He pulls, im in a big/huge lobby with really no cover just a bench. I have no weapons, no cover, im Screwed! I think im going to have to break company policy and carry my self, after what i relized, whats the point of a job if im dead? What would you do in that situation, with or with out protection?
    I haven't read the whole thread. So, forgive me if this has been said before.

    "Don't worry about it!"

    If it's a law abiding citizen you shouldn't have any problems.

    If it some "crazed psycho" or somebody intent on doing harm, you're SOL; armed or not! I suggest honing your SA skills and learn as much as possible about "reading" people.

    Bottom Line:
    You can still have the absolute BEST SA & people skills known to man; AND be heavily armed. But you can still fall victim to someone "intent" on doing bodily harm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigkahuna View Post
    Wear a vest at the very least!!

    ^^I'm in this camp on this one^^^^^^^^^^^^

    An unarmed security guard is a conduit between TROUBLE and 9-11That is all you can do.
    If you see someone packing, you call the cops, and let them take it from there.
    If some scumbag comes in shooting up the lobby, I'd have a big silver platter to shield myself from them.
    Hence, the bulletproof vest.
    Get one, put it on, have the phone on speed dial to 9-11.
    Good luck
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