Unknown Sound at 0120 in the morning

This is a discussion on Unknown Sound at 0120 in the morning within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; though it was early for her to be arriving home, it is so easy to check it out-- call her on from your cell and ...

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Thread: Unknown Sound at 0120 in the morning

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    though it was early for her to be arriving home, it is so easy to check it out--

    call her on from your cell and when you hear her phone ring/ being answered from the living room---
    no need to stress or be walking about with a loaded gun.

    so you did fine in that no one was injured, you did not have a plan in play for communicating with her and
    this is what you learned from the event.

    and yet another good reason for not having a flash attached to the gun--
    you never want to point the gun at something you do not intend to shoot;
    like your wife and children.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1956 View Post
    Too much tension for my tastes. "Honey, is that you?" is my approach.
    I agree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by suntzu View Post
    So you will be cautious and suspicious everytime somebody is opening your door unless it is a specified time? My wife, son, and I come and go all during the day and night.
    Yeah only me and my wife. I am cautious all the time especially when a door is opening. My pitty lets me know when someone arrives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ishmael View Post
    If you or your wife is going to get attacked at your door, it's going to be when you're arriving, not when you are leaving. (Unless you have ticked off men in suits who drive black Suburbans, of course.) It will be the result of an opportunistic tail. Definitely something to think about. On the other hand, the overall odds of it happening are tiny.
    Disagree it happens more than we realize. Both leaving and arriving from work. I have seen this occur even with women coming home on a lunch break.

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    I would have called out a name or asked something...wouldn't want to have shot the wife.
    Congrats on hearing the keys, I'm a pretty sound sleeper unless the dog hears something and gets my attention.
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    Okay, After having most of the day to think on this topic and talk with my wife. We found that we both made mistakes.

    1) We are suppose to let the other know when we are going to later or earlier then Normal times.
    - This was not don't - Wife admitted to forgetting to call as she is almost never out early (first time in one and a half years)

    2) I didn't think to call her cell phone at all. --- My Big mistake --- Yes I F'ed up....

    But on the good side She liked how I did the check of the down stairs. When I came down I shined the flashlight in the kitchen and moved in the the dinning room. in an attempt to get behind any one that had come in.

    As for it being one of the kids getting up we have a alarm on their door's from when we first moved in due to the new 2 level apartment. that I still turn on at tuck-in and off when I get home.

    Thank you for all the reply's. I found Most of the info very helpful as I am always trying to learn and be the better person and make my plan's and reactions better and easier to follow.
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