Attempted carjacking of my daughter last night

Attempted carjacking of my daughter last night

This is a discussion on Attempted carjacking of my daughter last night within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Last night one of my daughters, her husband, their two kids and two friends went into Billings to go to Cabela's. Our granddaughter fell asleep ...

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Thread: Attempted carjacking of my daughter last night

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    Attempted carjacking of my daughter last night

    Last night one of my daughters, her husband, their two kids and two friends went into Billings to go to Cabela's. Our granddaughter fell asleep in the Suburban, so while everybody else went into Cabela's, my daughter stayed in the truck (sitting in the second seat)with her sleeping daughter in the back (3rd) seat. They left the engine running so as not to disturb the sleeping 4 yr old. Less than 2 minutes after they all walked into Cabela's, two men, one on either side of the truck suddenly openned the doors and one climbed in in behind the wheel and the other started to get into the other side.

    My daughter was startled at first, then in a commanding voice, told them to "Get Out!!" Her presence startled them--the two men looked at each other, then she again told them to "Get out!!!" They left--she then reached over into the front seat, grabbed her purse and pulled out her Pistol (Colt Mustang that I gave her when she moved away from home) and called her husband and then called 911.

    They never caught the guys (no surprise there). My daughter, prior to this, has not shown much interest in a concealed carry license. Now she wants to take the class.

    We all know how this COULD have turned out...........

    Any where, any time--it happens fast.
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    Wow - scary stuff! Good work by your daughter. I'm happy for you all that there was a happy ending.
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    Glad it all turned out well. I am sure some nightmares have been replayed several times, and it was a cheap lesson on locking car doors and SA. Your daughter did well despite the gun in the purse in the front seat. She must have had quite a voice.

    What in the world has happened to Billings........
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    Great outcome for your daughter. Also illustrates why I am no fan of off body carry. Much better to have the loaded weapon on your person and in your control.

    Out of curiosity, Can she legally carry in her purse without a CCW permit in Montana? Not sure of the gun laws there.

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    You don't need to know
    Glad your girls are OK
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    Billings Montana? Maybe you need to think of moving to a better neighborhood.

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    Happy it all turned out ok. This could have been real bad!
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    So sorry to hear what happened, glad it ended safely.

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    Locking the doors could have more than likely avoided this. If you are going to carry off body, having whatever the gun is in under your control is always a good idea.

    Glad no one was hurt, hope she and her husband will learn some valuable lessons from this.
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    A scary *what could have been*. I'm glad that nothing terrible happened. The first thing I do when I enter my vehicle-lock the doors.

    A big "you go girl!" to your daughter.

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    good that it ended well....but....

    why was the doors left unlocked? akin to tying ones shoes--an act requiring many steps yet done without conscious thought--
    exiting a vehicle includes locking the doors. moving forward, I'm guessing it will.

    what has the motor running have to do with disturbing a sleeping child? unless you are referring to keeping the heater running, i do not follow.

    as she is a motivated learner I'm sure her her training will go well.
    she adjusted fast and well to the situation

    add my vote for on-body carry; though the purse will work as long as you have possession/control of it.
    sad that seemingly nowhere is it that we can nap in a car or let our guard down.

    I'm not saying we all need to be in red, or even strong yellow when in public but parking lots need a bit more attention as many are walking between cars.
    the great many pass by, but when i see a group split as to encompass a vehicle--i pay a bit more attention.
    mirrors are useful in this regard.
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    I guess car thieves even work and play where the bufalo roam; and everywhere in between.
    Glad she was paying attention, and all worked out well.
    I'm kinda wondering about the gun in purse despite she doesn't have a permit to carry.
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    Definitely a a case for the 'ben brothers' here...could have been, should have been, and would have been.
    Having access to a gun and having in on your person can be all the difference in the world. Those dirtbags could have easily grabbed the purse while exiting...making off with a gun.
    Glad your daughter was able to voice some aggression...a little lead would have been heard far better.OMO
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    Having lived in Montana for years here is a formula repeated over and over....Freezing cold winter weather+car left running with doors unlocked= opportunity to get out of cold and drive to the destination in the warmth....Generally the vehicle is left abandoned after the thief has gotten near to where he wanted to go... Actually very common but rarely "dangerous" as the "thief" is NOT looking for a car with anyone in it had she been sitting in the front seat, clearly visible, they probably would have never even approached the vehicle let alone enter it) Car Jacking...rather an opportunity to get out of the cold and drive to destination instead of tromping through the snow in the cold....many areas have made it illegal to leave your car running unattended for just this reason....if they had been "car jackers" her hollering wouldn't have made them leave...and her reaching for a purse on the seat the thieves were sitting on would not have gone without response IMHO

    Glad all turned out well for your daughter and grandchild.... lock the doors!
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    Glad to hear none of your family was harmed.
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