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Some thing strange at the bank

This is a discussion on Some thing strange at the bank within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by kelcarry I am sorry for the comment but are there thread writers out there who can write in english? OUI...

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Thread: Some thing strange at the bank

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    I am sorry for the comment but are there thread writers out there who can write in english?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    I am sorry for the comment but are there thread writers out there who can write in english?

    Most of them are at the nit picker festival. Hey you'd better hurry or you'll miss it.
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    I pulled into the bank this morning thinking about this thread. I am in a small town with an even smaller bank, 2 teller windows, and as i pulled in I counted 15 cars in the lot. I entered as normal and looked around. There were no customers in the all. Oh my god they must all be in the vault being held at gunpoint what do I do now. Then I remembered the bank has a no gun sign so there must not be a guy with a gun because the sign said they can't come in. So I took a deep breath and approached the tellers cautiously, they are the same two girls I see all the time but they may be part of an inside job. I slowly placed my deposit on the counter while scanning the surrounding area for blind side attack. I identified the chained down pen as a possible defensive weapon, as long as the BG stays within a foot or so of the counter. At this point I was really anxious because they no longer give out toasters so there was no display model to use as a bludgeon or swing by the cord as a distance weapon. The teller smiled and took my deposit, printed my receipt and handed it back. I grabbed the paper and ran full speed out the door, did a TV slide across the hood of my car and peeled out of there as fast as I could drive. After a few miles and several random turns to be sure I was not followed I continued to my next destination...the dentist. That adventure will have to wait until we have a thread relating to tactical approach and room clearing of offices on the way to tooth cleanings.
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    Okay... a bunch of cars isn't that unusual around most banks, the drivethru being closed is a little weird, but nothing major.

    If that's all you have to go on, just go in but be cautious like usual. OTOH, if there's something 'else' making your hair stand, it might be worth calling the nonemergency number to the local dispatch and see if they'll do a walkthrough. So far nothing about the scenario screams "call 911", and if I'm feeling uneasy about something then it's not worth going in. Carrying a firearm is not a reason to go looking for problems to solve.
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    Whip out my cell phone, call the bank and ask if everything is OK. If no answer, then I dial 911 and drive to a safe place and keep an eye on activity.

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    I deposited a check at my credit union the other day...I even held the door for a possible bad guy. I must have scared him out of the heist because he acted normal and went about business as if nothing was going down. Pretty sure the second I left he looted the place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swmft View Post
    You arrive at the bank there are 12 cars in the lot drive thru is closed middle of the day no one is coming out

    what do you do
    Find a bank with a drive-thru that isn't broken.


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